How to get a perfect lipstick selfie

Nope, people haven’t tired of selfies just yet. Have a new lipstick that you want to flaunt? Here are some tips to ensure you are pout ready…

Plenty of light and no clutter

The right lighting is the main factor for any selfie. Make sure that you have plenty of light. Also, keep the focus on your lips and make sure that there isn’t any unnecessary distraction.

Clean teeth

Nobody wants to see your lipstick on your teeth, nor do they want to know what you ate before you posed for the selfie! Clean your teeth before your pose for the camera with your lipstick pout.

Angle of your face/camera

Angles make a lot of difference. Getting the angle of capture right is the golden rule for a perfect picture. Hold the camera straight in front of you and make sure you try a lip centred shot. You will need a few attempts to capture right.

Attitude and props

Taking a lip selfie is all about attitude. A smile or a naughty lip expression can be fun. So, try to play around until you are satisfied with your lip selfie.

Likewise, props are very helpful. They add an interesting touch to the pic. Try holding a colourful ice cream or your favourite lipstick tube. Of course, your mouth is the focal point and not the props. You can also include your beautifully manicured nails.


A selfie, be it lip selfie or face selfie, is all about creativity to make it look perfect. Have fun and try unique different looks while clicking a selfie.

By the end of it remember, practice makes a man/woman perfect!

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