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17 handy car organising hacks 

Are the interiors of your prized car resembling a sty? Whether you are travelling from your home to office or going on a road trip, a messy or cluttered vehicle can be a major bummer. To make your driving experience pleasant and convenient, here are some cool hacks. These tips help in getting the car organized and are neither time consuming nor very expensive.

1. Manage backseat chaos – Use a backseat car organizer to arrange stationery, notepads, or tissues. If you have kids, they can organize their toys, sippers, lunch boxes, books, snacks and even tiny shoes in these.

2. Car trash can – Just like your home, your car can end up becoming a dumping ground if you are not careful. Chocolate wrappers, chip packets, straws, odd papers and used tissues can create an unsightly mess. So get an elegant car trash can and control the clutter.

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3. Car cooler – Going on a long journey and carrying cold beverages or fruits? Why not use a stylish car cooler to keep your food and drink safe? This way, they won’t get tossed around here and there, or get heated. Your car will stay clean as well.

4. Innovative use of shower caddies – Plastic shower caddies can be attached easily to the interior of the car and be used for storing pencils, crayons, sippers and other kids’ stuff. But be careful while placing them, make sure they don’t pose a risk in case of collisions or while going over road bumps.

5. Travel bags – These come in various sizes and are zippered. Choose the transparent ones and store all you need for a car trip in them. This way, you will never lose essentials and also be able to keep mess at bay.

6. Car hooks or hangers – You can attach these to the back of your seats and hang grocery bags with ease. With this hack, you no longer have to deal with smashed veggies or broken eggs.

7. Grip strips – Keep losing your phone when you are in the car? Now simply attach a grip strip to the dashboard and stick your phone on it.

8. DIY book storage – Got a creative bent of mind? Then this one is definitely for you. Create a foldable book organiser with some bright fabric, sewing supplies and embellishment if you wish. It should look like one of those wall shelves made from canvas or over-the-door shoe organisers. Then hang it on the back of your car seat.

9. Hack for loose change – Storing coins can be a real headache in a car. They will end up rolling around or falling though cracks. But you can easily solve the problem with old pill bottles or chewing gum containers.

10. Smart glove compartment – Most cars have really messy glove compartments, where it is practically impossible to find anything, be it a memo or a bill. So use a tabbed and expandable folder for organizing all essential documents and notes.

11. Car cell phone holder – No more losing phones or sunglasses. Buy a car cell phone holder that can accommodate your sunglasses as well and can be hung from air vents.

12. Big Tupperware Container – Keep one in your car at all times. These are airtight and can prevent the leakage of fluids. It might come in handy if you or your kids suffer from motion sickness.

13. For fluids and oils – Use a large shower caddy to store all oils and fluids in the boot of your car. This way, everything will be in the right place and the boot will look neat too.

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14. Make the most of a spare tire – What if you suddenly get a flat tire and can’t get hold of the things you need for repair? To deal with this smartly, use your spare tire to hold all repair tools like wrench, jack, pump, cables, etc.

15. For dirty shoes – Always have a few shower caps handy to store dirty shoes when you get into the car after a muddy hike or the kids come back from a game. This way, the shoes will not get tossed around or make your floorboards filthy.

16. Storage bins or baskets – If you have ample space in your boot, then introduce clear plastic storage bins or boxes for organizing things. These especially come in handy when you are making a long trip and need to carry clothes, blankets or other essentials.

17. Use the side of your car seat – Did you know that you could use the side of your car seat for storage? Buy a side hanging organizer with multiple pockets for pens, chargers, and soda bottles. It looks pretty smart too!

So now you no longer have any excuse for a messy car. Follow the tips above and enjoy a clean and pleasant drive every time.

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