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How to deal with menstrual cramps without popping a pill

Don’t we all dread those terrible days of menstrual cramps? Isn’t it bad enough that we have to go through the bloating and mood swings (where everybody thinks we are simply making an excuse)? But before you reach out to those painkillers that cause more harm than good, we suggest you opt for these natural remedies.

A healthy diet of calcium and iron

Tired of hearing it? A healthy diet is the universal answer to most physical woes. As per ‘The Doctors Book of Food Remedies’, a good dose of calcium can decrease the symptoms of PMS such as mood alterations. Make sure you do not skip on your milk and green leafy vegetables. Also, there is a loss of blood and iron during your periods that results in low energy. So, stack up on iron rich foods (green leafy vegetables once again) to keep your energy levels up all day.

Avoid excess consumption of trans fats, sugar, salt and caffeine as it worsens the symptoms, cause water retention and spikes up the blood sugar.

Herbal Tea

Herbal teas have been used since ancient times as a healing remedy. They can prove beneficial for your cramps as well. According to research, herbal tea, especially chamomile contains anti-inflammatory properties that aid in soothing the nerves. Mint tea is a good option too as it is a natural muscle relaxer and aids in digestion. It will ease the pain that is caused by bloating and acidity during this time of the month.

Massage with Essential Oils (such as lavender)

Aromatic essential oils have been helpful for many women in relieving menstrual cramps. The act of massaging the abdomen improves the circulation of that area and calms the nerves. You can opt for lavender essential oil that is known as a natural solution for aches. The pleasant aroma further renders a pacifying and de-stressing effect.

Fish oil and Vitamin B1

Fish oil supplements and Vitamin B1 have been proved useful in lessening the menstrual pain in the past. Along with reducing cramps, fish oil supplements keep your skin and hair glowing as well as offers a world of benefits. Vitamin B1 regulates heart and nerve function. It is also effective in breaking down the body fat and protein. You can have them separately or together.

Warm bath and heating pad

A warm bath during this time is heaven-sent as it helps to relieve pain and rejuvenate. The warm temperature of the water relaxes the muscles and makes you feel fresh.

You can also curl up with a hot water bag on your belly for it is as effective as popping a painkiller. As per the study presented at Toronto’s Society of Gynecologic Investigation annual meeting, researchers noticed that those who had used heating pads noticed that their menstrual pains did lessen to a good degree.

A combination of rest and exercise

Proper rest and adequate sleep can certainly improve the overall health of your body. Dealing with the monthly pain also becomes easy and manageable.

Exercising might be the last thing on your mind, but it is worthwhile as gives a natural anti-inflammatory effect and boosts endorphins. Light aerobic moves and stretching exercises are best suited to soothe pain from cramps. Keep in mind to not over exert yourself or engage in extreme intensity exercises. If you are practising yoga, avoid asans that reverse the flow of your periods.

If you suffer from chronic pain and no remedies help at home and, pay a visit to your doctor.

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