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Taking your dog to the beach? Keep these points in mind…

Follow these cool tips to make the most of beach getaways with man’s best friend.

Beach vacations are awesome fun with all the golden sand, cool blue waves and salty sea breeze! And if you can enjoy such moments with your canine companion, there is nothing like it!

But what you need to remember is that dogs have different needs than humans. Something that is exciting for you might be intimidating for him or her. Also, you need to keep certain precautions in mind and spare a thought for your pet’s safety. Follow these cool tips to make the most of beach getaways with man’s best friend.

  • Check if it’s a dog-friendly beach – Firstly make sure that the beach you are planning to go to allows dogs. You don’t want to bother other vacationers or break local rules right? Also, find out if you should keep your dog on a leash or set him free.
  • Identification – Make your pet wear a collar and ID tag in case he or she gets lost in the beach crowd. You can opt for this handy ID tag.
  • Vaccination rules – Since you will be taking your canine friend to a vacation spot with lots of people, ensure that he or she has received all the necessary vaccinations. Consult a vet if required.
  • Teach swimming – Make sure your pet knows how to swim before heading for the beach. While some dogs are born swimmers, others aren’t. But it always pays to be on the safe side.
  • Provision for shade – The beach can get very hot around noon and it can be very agonizing for your dog. Ensure that you carry along some kind of shade like a large beach umbrella or tent to offer your canine friend rest.
  • Protect their paws – Hot sand can be very uncomfortable on your pet’s feet or rather paws. Applying a paw protection wax can safeguard the paws from getting burnt.
  • For sensitive ears – Is your dog susceptible to ear infections? Then make sure you dry their ears properly after bathing. You can also ask the vet about any solution that can remove excess moisture.
  • Tip for female dogs – If she is in heat, avoid taking her to the beach, as she might probably cause a scuffle among males.
  • How about a life vest – For the sake of safety, you can always invest in a life vest for your dog. This can allow him to play in water as long as he wants to.
  • Remember sunscreen – If you don’t laze around on the beach without sunscreen, why should your canine friend do so? Sunburns can happen easily especially if your dog has pink skin, shaved skin or a coat in some light hue. So, use sunscreens either made for dogs, babies or those with sensitive skin. But do make sure that there is no zinc oxide in them. Hairless dogs can be made to wear a t-shirt to prevent burns.
  • Be wary of dangerous things – Sharp rocks, coral, broken glass, garbage or metal parts in the sand can harm your pet. Keep an eye out for such items. Also, avoid rough waters or waters frequented by boats and jet skis.

  • Hydrate with fresh water – Though many dogs love drinking salt water, it can be harmful for them. Pack some bottles of fresh water with you and also a shallow bowl from which he or she can drink easily.
  • Don’t leave behind poop – Dog poop can be dangerous for marine life and the natural aesthetic of any beach. And some beaches are quite strict about it. So, pick up poop after your pet is done to avoid contamination.
  • Removing sand from the face – Does your pet love digging into the sand for crabs or simply rolling in it? Then keep a bottle of water handy to wash the sand away. You can also use a thin, soft and damp towel to clean the face, eyes and muzzle.
  • Rinsing is crucial – After your day at the beach is over, rinse your dog’s coat to remove salt, sand and germs. Do this before going back home.
  • First aid kit – It is always wise to be prepared for accidents. Hence, carry a first aid kit with ammonia, peroxide, cotton balls and bandages in case your pet cuts his paw on a shell or gets stung by a jellyfish.
  • Night time precaution – It is easy for both you and your dog to get hurt while taking a walk on the beach at night. Carry a powerful torch, laser pointer and preferably keep your pet on a leash.
  • Bring toys – Floating toys, colorful ones and Frisbees can be a lot of fun for your dog. But choose items that won’t cause choking or won’t get sandy. Opt for any of these toys to ensure your dear pet does not have a dull moment.

Keep an eye out in case your dog seems overheated. Look for signs like rapid breathing, drooling, coordination problems, collapsing, vomiting, diarrhea or loss of consciousness. If you notice something amiss with your pet, immediately bring him into shade, give him cool fresh water and let him rest on a soft towel. By keeping these basic tips in mind, you can have a great time at the beach with your faithful pet.

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