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How to be fit like Wonder Woman


Don’t we all want a drool-worthy figure and strong body like ‘Wonder Woman’ Gal Gadot? The stunner worked hard to achieve the flattering frame to recreate the iconic super hero (whom she always considered “the ultimate symbol of strength”). Here we give you an inside scoop…

Extra skinny to lean muscle:

Gadot was not always like this. She went from being known as a ‘extra skinny model’ to adding some lean mean muscle for the film.

As mentioned in Interview magazine, when she landed this role, our Gal wanted to inspire others. She underwent a rigorous training to develop a super sculpt and lean muscle. The beauty is a staunch believer of healthy diet and regular exercise routine which includes yoga, pilates and weightlifting.

Whatever the workout routine, she has always stayed active. This is perhaps the result of being raised by a mother who was a gymnastic teacher. As stated in Vogue, Gal grew up doing a lot of sports and was a dancer for 12 years! So, if and when Gal does not hit the gym, she does paddle board and TRX.

I am a Military Girl

What also worked to the actress’s advantage was that she was a gym trainer in Israeli Defense Force for two years. Unbeknownst to her, the experience laid the foundation for her role in the film ‘Wonder Woman’. While the disciplined training also instilled values in her, the intense level of fitness made her tough. The boot camps she conducted there were more rigorous than the usual ones.

It is also no wonder that her knowledge about the use of weapons made her the top contender for this coveted role. As per Filler Magazine, she is also a big fan of a good diet and healthy lifestyle. Sharing her pearls of wisdom she said “I believe that what we put in our bodies will reflect on the outside.”

The Wonder Woman Workout:

The stunning beauty got ready for her ‘kick some ass’ role by starting out with a mixed bag of super intense workouts such as kickboxing, martial arts, kung fu, sword fighting, jujitsu, etc.

Online magazine Instyle reveals that the workouts designed by Mark Twight and Hayley Bradley were a four month savage routine which included 3 days a week at the gym and 2 days of working out at home.

Multitasking with exercises and other workouts:

To get into the skin (read body) of the Wonder Woman, this Israeli beauty had to include pull-ups for strength, squats, boxing and a variety of martial arts, kung fu, sword fighting, Jiu-Jitsu, kungfu. She also had cardio intervals on the stationary bike for speed and endurance, rowing machines with squats, ball throws, plus weight-lifting challenges. Phew!! However, she was more inclined to strength training to build up her killer abs and make her look more muscular. The challenge increased her endurance levels and she was able to dead-lift her body weight for her role in the film! That is what dedicated hard work it is…

The wonder diet:

Largely into eating a balanced diet, her food platter included equal amounts of protein and greens in each meal and healthy choices like green juice, fruits, fibre and veggies. The stunner drank a gallon of water daily to hydrate, which also improved her endurance.

But even she has her cheat days of digging into burgers or ice cream with chocolate. Speaking to Bazaar magazine, she cheekily revealed “I don’t restrict myself, I can eat everything. It’s all a matter of measurements and quantity of the food.”

Healthy Tips for Fans:

Ditch Anti-Bloating:

Bloating is unflattering and gives paunch. Fizzy drinks, alcohol, salty foods etc. retains water in your body giving you a bloated look. The same is with veggie high in fibre such as spinach, kale, broccoli, cauliflower, etc. You should have them, but in moderation. Alternate between these foods and anti-bloating ones like papaya, banana, pineapple, etc. These fruits are rich in enzymes such as papain and bromelain which break down protein and speed up your digestion.

Execute Sweaty Workouts

Work out till you sweat out! Sweaty workouts too are excellent means beat bloating. Physical activity such as dancing, running, etc. can make you sweat.

Eat Slowly and Munch Foods

Are you a fast eater? Then slow down. Gulping down food can make you swallow air that causes bloating. So, take your time to enjoy your food.

Be mindful of the late night snack:

What do you grab as a late night snack? Chip and dips? Our Gal’s late night snack is all about fresh vegetables, like bell peppers, celery, and cherry tomatoes, along with avocado toast, strawberries. You get the drift right…

50/50 on your plate:

Gadot’s trainer recommends eating an even mix of lean protein and greens, in addition to plenty of fresh produce.

Trivia: Gadot loves her fish with garlic, lemon and thyme, or chicken breasts and chickpea cakes.

Even incorporating some of these things in your life will make a big difference in the way you look and feel about yourself.

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