8 best affordable makeup products for this rainy season


As the seasons change, our makeup might need a bit of change too. With the rains come along extra humidity and of course the downpour. So how do you ensure that you look the best amidst it all? Keep these 8 super handy products in your kitty. Do not let the rains dampen your love for putting on makeup!

Waterproof Mascara -Who wants to wear mascara that gives raccoon eyes as soon as you step out of the home? Waterproof mascara works best during the rains and gives your lashes a fuller look in no time! The added volume beautifully enhances eyes too. Just keep in mind that since it is waterproof, you need a makeup remover to clean it up.

Recommendation: Maybelline New York Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara (Waterproof). You can also opt for the Bonjour Paris Volumizing Mascara.

Lipstick– A bright lip colour can create the much needed drama this dull monsoon. Liquid lipsticks are the ideal option. They last for long, lend a good hue and offer a smooth application, making it easier to apply. To get a polished look, choose ones that don’t settle into the fine lines of the lips.

Recommendation: Faces Ultime Pro Lip Crème

Waterproof eyeliner– The eyeliner neatly defines the eyes, augmenting its beauty. Waterproof ones or water resistant ones which are widely available in the market can be chosen. Liners which don’t smudge or crack are the best.

Recommendation: Maybelline New York Hyper Ink Liquid Liner. This liner makes precision lining easy, it gives a glossy finish and dries up very quickly. The intense black colour stays on for a really long. It has flexi- cushion tip applicator, which makes the application part hassle free! Another option is Color Fever Water Proof Liquid Eye Liner.

BB Cream– This is for those who don’t like to apply foundation on a daily basis. BB creams have a light formula with good coverage. It applies on smoothly and firmly stays on the skin even if you sweat a lot. Overall, it gives a natural finish to the skin.

Recommendation: Ponds BB Cream

Waterproof Eyeshadow– It is tough to pull off eyeshadow during monsoons. If it is that necessary to apply eyeshadows, then opt for cream eyeshadows. They stick to the skin properly and are not affected much by water.

Recommendation: Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick

Concealer – Concealer is perfect for those who want to cover up their scars, acne and dark eyes. They also help in highlighting your features. A good concealer this season is one that has a thicker consistency, which doesn’t wash off easily in water.

Recommendation: Bonjour Paris Concealer Pan Stick

Brow pencils – We often forget the importance of our brows and neglect it. Defining the brow is an important makeup routine as it makes a huge difference in the way we look and the way the features are defined.

Recommendation: Maybelline New York Fashion Brow Cream Pencil-This product comes in a pencil form. The formula inside is cream which defines and fills the brow and sets it in place. It stays on for hours.

Foundation– It is best to avoid foundation this season, since changes of getting it ruined in rain is greater. But if it is that necessary, then opt for ones that are waterproof and oil controlling. It would ensure that the base of makeup stays for a very long time!

Recommendation: Lakme 9 to 5 Flawless Makeup Foundation


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