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6 Ingenious Ways to Use a Plastic Bowl

Do not restrict your plastic bowls to the confines of the kitchen and dining table. Colourful, durable and easy to maintain, they can be used for decorating, storing and other purposes as well. Read on to know more…

  1. Grow a succulent plant

Take a few colourful plastic bowls that you might have in your kitchen and line them up in your tiny balcony. These bowls can be used to plant succulents that can be later used as decorative pieces in your house. Whether it is your coffee table, book rack or the dresser, you can always bring the space back to life by keeping this planter in a corner. Even when these small bowls are kept on a windowpane or in your small terrace, it can not only add colours but also lend a soothing effect on the one sitting there and sipping on a hot cup of coffee.

  1. Organize jewellery and medicines

Our rooms often turn messy by the end of the week, especially the drawers. They just don’t behave! From rings, earrings, rubber bands, lipsticks and even the multivitamin tablets tend to mix together into one big mess. Here’s a quick solution. Take a set of bowls and place them inside the drawer. It can be pink- or yellow-coloured ones, as bright colours will help you find tiny things quicker. Now is the time to organize the things you put inside the drawer. Categorize the things and organize accordingly. For example, you can make categories like rings, medicines, hair pins, lipsticks, minimal neckpieces and brooches. The next time when you open the drawer, you’ll happily find your favourite item and on time.

  1. Dump your keys

When you come back from work, you drop your house, car and cupboard keys randomly on the table. And then comes in your partner after an hour, and there are even more keys on the couch and dining table now. When you end up arranging all the stuff in the night, before sleeping, you’ll go mad to collect so many keys! Now, here’s a cool thing you can do with one of plastic bowls. Pick the one you like the most, and the one which looks great as well. Place this bowl near the door, on the shoe rack may be. And make it your place to keep all the keys. When you and your family members enter the door, ask them to drop all their eyes inside it. There! You have done yourself a favour!

To make things fun, you can opt for this colourful set with a unique shape.
  1. Make it a memory keeper

Back from a rejuvenating and inspiring trip? Why not store those souvenirs in one place? Put all those shells you got from the beach walks inside a plastic bowl, and place this in the centre of a table. You will love coming back to it and remembering those beautiful trips you spent with your loved ones. Alternatively, you can also make this bowl a decorative item by adding some colourful gems or painting stones in them.

  1. Feed animals and birds

Summers are here, and the scorching heat can cause dehydration and many other diseases as well. If you’re an animal or bird lover, it would be thoughtful of you to feed them every day. All you have to do is, take some water in a plastic bowl and place it in your balcony for the little birdies. If you see a dog sitting near the area where you park your car, you can also feed him some water by putting a bowl in front of him. These are small but good deeds that you can do on daily basis, for which you won’t have to buy new things and waste time waiting.

  1. Store stationary and craft items

The kids’ and the crafts’ room in the house is the messiest one. You spend so many happy and creative hours in these rooms, where you unwind, create beautiful craft items and teach your little one too. It’s also a way to learn to be content. But when it comes to organizing these rooms, it can be a tough task. And when it comes to making you kids understand the importance of staying organized, it can call for too much explanation. Here’s what you can do to help your little ones arrange their stationery and craft items properly. Place a few bowls in a tray or on the study table, and put items like stickers, beads, board pins, ribbons, etc., in them. This will make the place look tidy and help your kids when they are at their creative best.

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