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7 Things you need to know about yoga

Practised by Jessica Biel, David Beckham, Kareena Kapoor, Jennifer Aniston, Russell Brand and a whole lot of celebrities, yoga has become the buzzword for fitness. Today is a special day for this ancient art of wellness as it is ‘International Yoga Day’. In spirit of the same, Samidha Rasaikar, Co-Founder & CEO, Adesaa Wellness Private Limited sheds light on 7 things you need to know about yoga.

#1  Yoga is not just another form of exercise

Yes, yoga does keep you fit but it is not just another form of exercise. It is a scientific process, a process of normalisation which helps bring back your body to its normal form.

#2 Yoga is beyond stretching: Practice is the key

Yoga is a very powerful tool; it goes beyond stretching and helps built muscle strength as well as improve your physical and mental balance. In yoga, asanas go from easy to difficult levels. Each asana has its own level of difficulty and a continuous practice can make you achieve all these levels.

#3 Benefits of yoga can only be experienced

Yoga can transform your life, but the only way to know the benefits of yoga is through self-experience. Only when you try it yourself do you realise how beautiful and fulfilling this way of life is.

#4  The main goal of yoga is to be healthy in your own way

Do not compare yourself to another person. Every single body type is different. One person will be naturally leaner and other will naturally be heavy. Understand your body type and be confident in it.  The main goal is to be healthy.

#5 It provides physical as well as mental fitness

Yoga provides not only physical fitness, but mental peace as well. Certain poses are meditative which helps have control over your mind. Ashtanga Yoga is a perfect blend of physical and mental fitness.

#6 Yoga is not a religion or does not force to practice a particular religion

Just because yoga originated in Hindustan, it does not mean it is related to Hinduism. Yoga is a way of life and does not discriminate. It is a gift to mankind and can be experienced and practised by each and every human being.

#7 Always do yoga under the guidance of an experienced Yoga teacher

The appropriate way of doing yoga is under the guidance of a proper and experienced yoga teacher. Looking at books and CDs should be avoided as there is no physical presence of the guru/ teacher to point out your imperfections. Please keep in mind that practising wrong yoga poses causes more damage than good.

Samidha Rasaikar is the Co-Founder & CEO, Adesaa Wellness Private Limited – India’s first ever pop-up themed yoga and wellness centre.

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