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7 interesting items that can replace the traditional plant pot

Get creative and indulge in some DIY!

Tip: Using recycled tires to create a planter is an ingenious idea, even you have only one little corner to spare.

With houses and apartments becoming smaller every day, traditional gardens are increasingly becoming a part of forgotten history. But most homeowners still yearn for a bit of refreshing green to make their lives nature-friendly. And it comes as no surprise that indoor or outdoor plants enhance the beauty of any property manifold. But why stick to just traditional pots or planters to grow plants, veggies or herbs? Get creative and indulge in some DIY.

Here we have discussed 7 exciting and unique items that can not only replace traditional pots, but also lend tons of character to any space.

Old kitchen sink

Have you considered your old kitchen sink to grow leafy greens or even pretty flowers? Yes, you read it right. Instead of chucking the old sink, repurpose it to grow your favorite plants and surround it with rocks and pebbles for a distinct look.

Kettles and other ware

You can grow little plants in colanders, old bowls after drilling holes in them, used tin cans, ornamental jugs, or old kettles as pots. Old watering cans, spice racks, bake ware or oven ware can be used as well.


A chest of drawers can be easily repurposed as planters if you are a little imaginative. The drawers can be filled with the right soil and you are all set to plant seedlings. You can also completely take out the drawers from the chest and fix them in between the steps of a ladder to create a vertical garden.

Baby changing tables and old chairs can be used to grow plants too. When the seat of an old chair gives way, refurbish it cleverly so that it becomes a pot for your herbs and flowers.

Old Bathtub

Don’t underestimate the possibilities of your old bathtub or maybe the kid’s tub that is no longer used. These can be used to grow many different kinds of greens as there is ample space available. For fun, you and your family can spend some quality time together painting the outside of the tub with bright colors. Kids might especially enjoy painting ducks, cows, cats or cartoon motifs on these tubs.

Old toilets

Old toilets can also be used creatively to grow lush greens, as porcelain is durable and drains effectively. You can screen the lower portions of the toilets with other plants if you wish.

Old toys or pram

Thinking of giving away your kid’s old toys or pram, which are not used anymore? Think again. After removing the hood or folding it down, an old pram can be easily repurposed to behave like a planter. On the plus side, you can move it around as you wish!

Also, make the most of old toy carts, trucks and wagons by filling them with soil and growing salad veggies herbs. This activity is perfect for bonding with your little one too, and teaching them to care for nature.

Shoes and shoe racks

Shoes, especially boots make for innovative pots and planters. Don’t throw away your old ones; just drill a hole in the sole and start growing nature.

Since children outgrow their sneakers very quickly, you can repurpose them as well. If you are using kid’s shoes, choose small plants that don’t overshadow the shoes. You can also grow flowers of the same color as the shoe.

Hanging shoe racks made from canvas are also perfect for growing your very own herb garden. Since the material is not as tough as wood, porcelain or concrete, avoid growing big plants in them.

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Old books

How about getting artistic with old books? Though the idea might trouble ardent bookworms, give it a thought. All you have to do is find a book you never really liked or don’t want to read again and cut a square hole in it. Then line it with a plastic sheet to keep the water and soil from spreading. Then place a plant along with its surrounding soil in it and trim the extra plastic. It will look gorgeous and help you earn your guests’ admiration.

Recycled tires

Using recycled tires to create a planter is an ingenious idea, even you have only one little corner to spare. Just stack the tires one on top of another and grow big plants or bushes. Paint the tires in bold colors or draw quirky patterns to showcase your personality and taste. You can also cut out a part of the tire’s inner rim and fill it with mud and grow a flowering plant. Hang the tire with a robust rope or metal chain from the ceiling or against a wall.

Apart from the ideas discussed above, feel free to explore other options as well. From old bags to wooden crates, old suitcases, old toolboxes, porcelain teacups, mason jars and plastic bottles; the world is your oyster! Simply jazz up any old stuff with paint or even glitter and create a special garden for everyone to enjoy.

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