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Fashion for the monsoons

As dark clouds looming large, it is time to give fashion a spin.

With rains hitting the ground, you need a complete make-over in terms of clothing and apparels. As dark clouds looming large, it is time to give fashion a spin. Vibrant colours, light fabrics and vivid prints, let us keep it interesting even in the baarish. Here are some fashion tips…


With the gloomy weather outside, you may want to liven things up with bright and bold colours. It is likely that you might get splashed with water, so keep away from light colours like white or soft pastels (unless you are confident about it). Reach out for pink, red and rainbow colours. Of course, you can dig those bright shades of orange but mix and match with softer shades such as brown, black and blue.


Just like bright colours, you can opt for bold patterns to jazz up things. Many of the summer prints can work here such as floral, Aztec, etc. You can even opt for geometric or ikat inspired prints. Just make sure that the fabric is rain friendly. Balance the look with a solid colour such as floral print top with a navy blue crop pant.

When it comes to trends, strips are leading these days. Match stripes of different patterns or flaunt vertical ones to create an illusion of adding extra inches to your height.


It is best to avoid materials that are transparent and stick to the body when wet. Keep your precious materials in the wardrobe as you do not want them to get spoilt. Opt for synthetic fabrics such as rayon and polyester instead. They are easy to dry and wash and do not get dirty so easily. Also, they do not cling to the body like chiffon or cotton would. Lycra is another option that can be looked into.

Comfortable wear

Are you into casual wear? You are not wrong. This shabby season is meant for comfortable wear. Adorn yourself with comfy or athletic apparel like calf-length track pants, message tees with crocs or thigh high gum boots.

By the end of it, do not forget to wear your confidence as well!

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