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13 ways to make your balcony rain-friendly

Create your own cosy nook to enjoy the weather!

Tip: Place big barrels or even buckets in your balcony when it’s raining. The collected rainwater can be used in household chores.

One of the most delightful experiences in life is to relax in the balcony and watch the rain fall after a long spell of summer. The sight of rainwater creates a tranquil effect and is very cooling both mentally and physically. Hence, most home or apartment owners keep at least one balcony reserved for sitting out and admiring nature. But there are times when you need to keep the weather out, especially during heavy showers or thunderstorms. And to do that, you don’t have to skimp on style or functionality! So how can you make your balcony rain-friendly? Check out these cool tips:

Glass screens – These look very fashionable, keep the rain and rough winds out and are transparent as well. So you will be able to soak in outdoor views without having to get wet! The glass screens will also bring in natural light, and your balcony won’t feel gloomy or cramped.

Rain curtains – High quality rain curtains can save your balcony from rough downpours easily, and they are available in various colors and prints too. Outdoor blinds are a great alternative and they can protect you from the sun in summers as well.

Décor – Deck the walls of your balcony with mirrors or art installations made with wrought iron with weatherproof coating. These are easy to dry and look beautiful too. Also, add some lanterns to light up the space when dark clouds roll in. But remember to position them carefully so that they are not directly affected by the rain.

Gazebo – If your balcony lacks a ceiling, then getting a gazebo-like structure constructed with PVC is also a wonderful idea. It will look elegant and add extra oomph to your residence. Transparent PVC will allow you to watch the rain fall on the roof of the gazebo as you sip on a hot cup of tea.

Awnings – Available in various bright colors, awnings are traditional yet charming ways to protect your balcony from showers.

Choose the right furniture – Outdoor or weather-resistant furniture pieces made from rattan are perfect for balconies that can get exposed to rain. They are easy to maintain, durable and long-lasting. You can buy simple chairs for relaxing in the evenings or even a dining set if your balcony is spacious and you want to have open air meals. Waterproof and colorful beanbags can look awesome too, and can be very cozy. If you are keen on using wooden furniture, make sure they are given weatherproof polish to sustain inclement weather. Paint them in vivid colors like blue, yellow, pink or green for a playful look.

Flooring – Consider lining your balcony floor with anti-skid tiles. This is because, during heavy showers, the floor is bound to get wet and slippery. Anti-skid tiles can prevent nasty accidents in such cases.

Walls – Painting the walls of your balcony with waterproof or weatherproof paint is a good idea too. This will prevent the moisture from seeping into the concrete and curb the growth of mold or fungi. Choose a light-hued paint if you have a small balcony, as it will lend the feeling of spaciousness. For large balconies, you can go with bold or deep colors.

Structural nuance – Your balcony must be equipped with a pipe that drains away any rainwater that collects on the floor.

Grow a vegetable or herb garden – For small homes or apartments, using the balcony to grow a herb garden or veggie garden is a great idea! Use beautiful pots or planters to accommodate the plants and make sure they are positioned in a way that they catch the rainwater easily. You can also use the railing or balustrade to hoist the planter after fitting it with hooks. This can save floor area as well.

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Rain water harvesting – Place big barrels or even buckets in your balcony when it’s raining, so that they can collect the rainwater for use in household chores. Water is precious and this is a great way to conserve it in its natural form. You can use the collected water for flushing in toilets, mopping the floors or to water your plants after the rain stops.

Build birdhouses – Rain is a time when most birds look for a warm and cozy shelter. So you can either build birdhouses with salvaged wood or buy some and hang then against your balcony’s walls. It will not only look charming, but your feathered friends will thank you too.

Repurpose your balcony – Use glass screens to cover up your balcony physically, without destroying the view. And then furnish it to make it your home office or an outdoor kitchen. Working on a project while watching the rain fall or cooking up something hot and spicy on wet days can be very exciting.

You are surely ready now to welcome the rainy season with open arms. Just equip your balcony will all that it needs and you are good to go!

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