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8 Benefits of consuming organic carrots

Far from making you feel like a bunny rabbit, carrots are one of the most handy and healthy vegetables to munch on!

Did you know? Carrots lower cholesterol levels and thus increase the body’s ability to digest fat.

Far from making you feel like a bunny rabbit, carrots are one of the most handy and healthy vegetables to munch on! Powerhouse of valuable nutrients, the benefits of organic carrots can hardly be underestimated. It helps almost every part of your body. The best part is that you can consume this super food in any form: raw, cooked or juiced. And when we say organic carrot, we are pointing at much more nutrition than other ones you find in the market today.

Here we list 8 reasons to consume organic carrots. Also, some tips on how you can incorporate them in your diet.

It is healthy

Do we need to say more? The natural process of growing organic carrot boosts their nutritious value making this vegetable a potent powerhouse of nourishment and health. So, given a lucky chance, grab the organic carrot to make your juice.

It is yummy

The flavor is unbeatable. Organic carrots are deliciously sweet as they are free of harmful pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, etc.


Carrots are the highest provider of antioxidant beta carotene which gets converted into vitamin A in our body. In addition to promoting healthy eyes, Vitamin A supports the health of your skin, teeth and bones as well. According to an article published in the “Journal of Nutrition”, beta-carotene, carotenoid in carrots, could also protect your skin against damage caused by ultraviolet rays. Sunshine, here I come!!

Other vitamins

Organic carrots also provide good amounts of vitamins C, E, D and other minerals such as calcium, potassium etc. They are highly nutritious as they cleanse the system due to their high fiber content.

Fresho Carrot – Organically Grown

Protects eye health

Our mothers were right. When she said “eat your carrots”, she wanted us to have a sharp eye. Having organic carrot juice regularly will help you maintain healthy eyes and reduce your risk of cataracts.

For that, you should thank, besides your mother, three crucial nutrients in carrots— beta carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin that do the trick. Beta carotene protects our eye from various types of eye disorders including blindness. Lutein and zeaxanthin, on the other hand, both work to reduce the risk of age-related vision loss.

Decreases risk for heart disease and stroke

Eating richly coloured orange vegetables like carrots decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease, especially in adult women improving their body’s defence mechanism. Carrots also work to lower cholesterol thus increasing the body’s ability to digest fat. This helps your digestive system to absorb nutrition directly from your food impacting the good cholesterol levels in your body — which in turn protects your heart.

Helps protect against cancer

Evidence suggests that antioxidants in carrots may be able to reduce your risk of various types of cancers, including ovarian and breast cancer. Daily intake of fresh carrot juice is known to fortify the body against cancer. It is an effective approach to increasing levels of protection as the antioxidant carotenoids reduces oxidative stress and inflammation. (Oxidative stress and inflammation both are known to cause cancer).

Aids in healing blood clotting and cleansing liver

Vitamin K in carrot juice helps in the clotting of blood. This prevents blood loss while simultaneously hastening the healing process as well. Organic carrot juice can cleanse and detoxifies the liver as well. A glass a day of this tasty juice can help in releasing toxins and harmful bile from the liver that the bloodstream cannot get rid of.

Trick treats:

Bottoms up guys: Its’ crystal clear. Listen to your mamas’ and just drink your carrot juice without a murmur.

A twist in your carrot: Okay, add a little fun too. Put a few grains of sugar and squeeze some lime juice to enhance the flavour of the carrot juice. If you still want some twist, sprinkle some chat masala for that much needed desi tadka.

Carrot in your dal: Add some carrot juice to dals, soups or any curry dish you are preparing.

Replace: Try to replace your cuppa tea with a glass of carrot juice. At least attempt to change…

Carrot orange: Have you tried that tangy, sweet carrot orange burst? If no, you have truly missed something.


  • Remember Chinese restaurants? The first dish they present you is a khatta, meetha cucumber and carrot platter. Tasty isn’t it? Now you can include carrot sticks in your salad.
  • Before you sit down to watch your favourite program on TV, cut up a bunch of carrots. Squeeze lime, sprinkle salt and a little bit of sugar to make it less boring and keep munching.
  • Encourage your kids to eat carrots regularly. Rewards them when they do so with a smile.
  • Lastly, “Gajar ka Halwa” is not only for the winter season. This time make it “Organic Gajar ka Halwa” and ask your family “Halwey mein organic kya hai?

So dear readers, you now have no excuse to excuse yourself from this healthy vegetable. From today make it the carrot way.

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