5 waterproof makeup looks to nail this rainy season

The rains have well set in and it looks like they are here to stay for a bit longer.

The rains have well set in and it looks like they are here to stay for a bit longer. During this time, waterproof makeup should be a staple in your vanity. You can play around if you have the essentials. Here are 5 waterproof makeup looks to nail this season.

  1. Office look

Your office look should always be subtle. It is best to play with neutral colours to achieve this look. To start with, apply a waterproof foundation of your choice and pat it down with a compact powder. Line the eyes well with a waterproof kajal. Use a long wear cream brown eyeshadow on the upper eyelid. Now define the eye with waterproof eyeliner on the upper eye lid. Just outline a very thin line.

It is important to define the eye brows, so use a creamy eye brow pencil to fill the brows. Apply waterproof mascara. Use a liquid lipstick of pink or pinkish-brown colour. Finally, if you prefer to apply blush, then use a cream blush of coral shade.

  1. No makeup makeup look

This look is for the ones who like to keep it simple and natural. Just start off by getting a base makeup done with a shade that is really close to your natural skin tone. Brush your eyebrows and fill them with a brow pencil (ideally use a creamy one). Define the eyes with brown waterproof eyeliner. Pick a shade of lip colour that is MLBB (My lips but better). Add a coat of waterproof mascara after curling the lashes and you are good to go. This look is clean and neat, and can be worn any day.

  1. College look

The college look can be a little bit loud as vibrant colours can be easily carried off by a college girl. Start with the BB cream of your choice and then apply a translucent powder to set it. Apply waterproof and colourful gel eyeliner on the upper eye lid. Put on a black kajal on the lower waterline.

Finally, apply a thick coat of mascara which is waterproof. Use a matte lipstick of coral pink or red colour to compliment your eye look. You can opt for a pink blush on the cheek bones. Make sure that it is creamy and waterproof.

  1. Party look

It should be something glamorous, bold and beautiful. In order to create this look, we will be focusing on the eyes and keeping the rest of the makeup neutral. Firstly, make a base for your makeup. Apply a glittery eyeshadow on the entire eyelid.

Start defining the upper eyelid with a kajal and smoke it out. Also, tight line the waterline. Now apply a lip shade of your choice which is close to your lip shade and waterproof. Apply lip-gloss to the lip. Lastly complete the look with a blush and waterproof mascara.

  1. Beach Look

The beach look should be the minimalistic as you are anyways going to be wet. For this look, first apply a water-resistant sunscreen of your choice. Dab on a tinted lip balm with a minimum of SPF 15. If you are a person who cannot do without kajal, then tight line the upper and lower waterline of the eyes. The look is complete.

No matter how expensive your makeup is, the moment it comes in touch with water it is sure to spread and come off, if it isn’t waterproof! This season, invest in makeup products that are either ‘waterproof’ or ‘water-resistant’. Check the label before you buy the makeup products. Try these looks and tell us in the comment section how they were!

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