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How to give your dog a spa treatment at home

Tip: Pamper your canine companion with tasty treats and chew toys. This will keep him/her calm and occupied too.

Bath time is not something all dogs enjoy. Some even scamper away when you run a bath and get ready with soaps and shampoos! But keeping your pup clean is essential, especially after he/she has rolled in mud or was out splashing in the rain. A spa treatment can soothe your canine friend, help him/her relax and get squeaky clean in an enjoyable manner. Dog salons can be very expensive. Rather, why not try it at home? It will not only save you money, but also help you to connect with your pet. Here is how to go about it:

Things you will need

  • First get hold of basics like a big soft towel or towels depending on your pet’s size, comb or brush and shampoo.
  • Buy scented conditioners like lavender that are formulated particularly for dogs and don’t affect their skin adversely.
  • Play soft and relaxing music. Creating the right ambiance is essential to make your pet look forward to these spa sessions.
  • A removable shower head can help you bathe him/her easily without using water buckets.
  • Use a de-tangle spray if your pooch has long hair that tend to clump together when wet.
  • Get a non-slip bathmat for your pet to stand on. He will feel safer this way.
  • For yourself, get knee pads to prevent sore knees when you are kneeling. Also use a waterproof apron and gloves if you don’t like getting wet.

Get started  

  • Begin the spa session by gently massaging your dog on his/her sides and back. Increase pressure in areas that seem to pleasure him/her the most.
  • Pamper your canine companion with tasty treats and chew toys. This will keep him/her calm and occupied too.
  • Brush your dog before giving him/her a bath, as this will help you get rid of the excess hair that he/she sheds now and then. This is especially helpful if he/she had been out playing in the park or rolling in dirt. A massage brush with rubber bristles can be a great idea, as it will improve your pet’s blood circulation and promote healthy, shiny skin. Your tub drain will also get less filthy this way, and not get clogged. You can also get a drain trap to collect hairs more efficiently. Plus, which dog doesn’t love being petted so lovingly?
  • Before you put your pup in the tub, make sure the water is at the right temperature. It ideally be should be lukewarm. Apply the shampoo that the vet recommends or which is perfect for his/her skin or coat type. Some also contain avocado oils, apricots and grapefruit seed extracts to address issues like flaking and itching. Rub the shampoo gently all over his/her coat and pay attention to dirty paws. If your dog is suffering from an allergy or skin infection, consult the vet before buying a shampoo.
  • After you are done giving him/her a bath, apply a little dog-friendly conditioner on your pet for a glossy and healthy coat. Then brush the hairs gently till they shine.
  • To dry your pooch, use a large fluffy towel, as it will give him/her tons of pleasure! Avoid blow dryers as they can harm sensitive skin. Too much heat isn’t good for anyone.
  • When the spa session gets over, let your pup unwind with a bowl of fresh water, his/her favorite treat, a bright toy and a soft cushion or rug. After all, when you visit a spa, you are pampered with juices and a plush robe as well, right?

Finally, you will have a pet that smells awesome and is fresh and clean. He/she will become a favorite with your guests too. The trick to make these spa sessions a success is to keep your pup interested and calm throughout the process. Often, colorful toys, combs and towels can make it all easy. Visual appeal is as important as sensual comfort after all. Just make sure that all the products you use are branded and suited for your dog. And make sure your pet doesn’t get exposed to harsh lights or loud noises while enjoying the spa.

So what are you waiting for? Treat your adorable pooch to a luxurious and comfortable spa session at your home itself, and rediscover how much he/she loves you!

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