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8 mistakes that pet owners make     

Negligence on your part will affect your dear pet.

Do you have a furry friend at home who you simply adore and love spending time with? Having pets at home is great, but they do come with responsibilities as they are nothing less than a family member who needs care, attention and love all the time.

Knowingly or unknowingly, pet owners end up making mistakes that can cause some problems to the pet and the family members as well. Here are some of them which should be avoided.

Giving them too little physical activity

If you need to keep yourself healthy, your pet also needs to be healthy and active. Lack of physical activity make them obese and also increases the risk of respiratory and joint problems. Although the right amount of physical activity for any pet depends on their size and breed, half an hour each day is something that anyone can do. Take him/her on a brisk walk, and it will solve the dual purpose for you.

Letting your pet walk you

A badly trained dog can be a hazard especially when you are taking him/her out for a stroll. Pet falls are common as in such cases it’s the dog who is walking the owner and not the other way around. The owner either gets tripped over or pushed/pulled by the pet. Obedience training is the best solution to ensure that your dog does not take you down during a walk.

Make sure you buy a sturdy leash.

Not understanding their body language

Sometimes, understanding your pet is more important than mere loving him/her. Pet owners often take tail wagging as a good sign, but is that so in all cases? Dogs wag their tails more stiffly when they want to threaten someone. If you are taking this to be a sign of playfulness then you are under the threat of being bitten. It is important for a pet owner to learn the basics of their pet’s body language.

Overlooking the ticks

Once you are back from a walk in woods, you surely check yourself for pests and insects, but do you do the same for your dog? Ticks bite your pet too and put them to the risk of illness and several harmful pet diseases. So, after coming back from the walk, make sure you remove them using tweezers without crushing them. You can even ask your vet for some tick control measures.

Skipping the flea medicine

Pets who do not get the flea medicines have to pay the price for the owner’s negligence, but that’s not all. The fleas get under their skin during the summer and fall season and fill your home with their eggs. It is likely that you and your family might get affected too you and get itchy sores on the skin. Take the advice of your vet and make a routine of getting your pet their flea medicine on time.

Keeping the food bowl full

One of the most common mistakes that pet owners make is that of keeping their pet’s food bowl always full. The problem with doing so is that it makes them eat more than they need. This will ultimately make them put on extra weight with unwanted calories. Always follow the food serving suggestions provided on the pet food packets or ask your vet for right food portions.

Making your cats share the litter box

If you make your cats share the litter box, then chances are you will end up cleaning more poo from the floor. Cats are very particular about their litter box and they do not prefer using the one that smells of other cats or is dirty. If you have many kitties at home then make separate litter box for each and keep one extra for emergency situations.

Not setting rules for them

Pets cannot have human etiquettes naturally, you need to teach these to them. Make them understand that scratching things in the house, jumping on the people, peeing on sofa, bed or carpet, etc. is not okay. Stay consistent with these house rules and also reward your pet for maintaining good etiquettes, because only then can you expect your pet to behave later. If not, ask a pet trainer for help.

If you avoid these common mistakes, you can save your pet’s health and general well-being on time. With care and constant effort, you will notice that your pet is healthier, smarter and active than before.

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