Why the West is going gaga about coconut oil

It is no secret that the West has woken up to the benefits of coconut oil. Many celebs swear by it for glowing skin, hair and health as well. So, when for many years there was a common misconception that nariyal oil was bad for you, one wonders how can it suddenly be good for health?

All said and done, we thought of doing a bit of our own ‘investigation’ to figure out why coconut oil is giving so much competition to other ‘healthy oils’. And here is what we found:

Healthy essential fatty acids:

Coconut oil is a powerhouse of healthy fatty acids and saturated fat. What needs to be applauded here is MCT also called MCFA-Medium Chain Fatty Acids.  The components of MCFA are powerful ones such as: Caprylic acid, Lauric acid, and Capric acid.  Other oils are LCFA i.e, Long Chain Fatty Acids.  LCFA, as the name suggests, takes longer to be converted into fuel.  It is stored in the body as fat and is known to clog arteries.

What makes coconut oil a winner is that unlike other cooking oils, the essential fatty acids in our nariyal are easily absorbed by the liver, directly from the digestive tract.  The liver then, through a short process of thermogenesis, breaks down the oil to convert it into energy which we can use.  This energy is called ketones.  This also indicates that the coconut oil is easily digested. To cut the complicated story short, when ingested, it is quickly converted into fuel for energy. This gives us vitality and reduces the chances of unwanted fat to piling up.  Now, doesn’t it debunk the common misconception of coconut oil causing arterial plaque and is dangerous? Yes, it does.

Keeps you slim and trim:

The biggest plus the above process offers is that there are fewer chances of coconut oil making you fat (when had in required proportions of course).  The instant energy that MCT provides pushes up the metabolism giving us the energy and endurance to do a lot more work, keeping us slim and trim.  As the result, this prevents any heart ailments and also has a therapeutic effect on our brain.

Insulates you from viral and bacterial infections:

Some say it is the mother of all oils as it combats all kinds of microbes and viruses.  The MCFA is anti-fungal, anti-microbial, and anti-everything that can make you sick and prevents you from getting infected by viral.  My coconut oil strongest!

Does not go rancid fast:

Rancid oil can cause free radicals. As we have told you before, it causes damage and is one of the leading reasons for cancer.  Most oils oxidize causing free radical damage in our bodies. Not our dear coconut oil. It can be stored for a long time without it going rancid and can remain stable for over a year at room temperature.

Prevents cancer and helps in its treatment:

The ketones produced during the digestion process of coconut oil deprive the tumor cells of energy(ketones) thus weakening them. Even in experiments where cancer is chemically created, induction of coconut oil is seen to prevent cancer from growing.  Thus, it is thought to be the possible component in helping cancer patients with their treatment.  This wonder also boosts our immune system.

High smoking point:

Heat can damage oil which can cause free radicals. Coconut oil has a higher smoke point that indicates that it can take higher temperatures, making it one of the best cooking oils available.

Pushes up our metabolism:

Our nariyal oil increases metabolism. The essential fatty acids in MCFA increase metabolism giving more energy.  So, when you feel energetic what are the chances of you feeling sluggish and putting on weight?  Yep, that takes care of your thyroid problems too.  Other common oils have been shown to hinder thyroid functioning but not coconut oil. It also helps in absorption of nutrients especially Vit-E.

Prevents Osteoporosis: Free radicals is one of the biggest enemies of osteoporosis. But coconut oil rich in antioxidants combats these free radicals making it a natural treatment for osteoporosis. Another of the fantastic benefits is that it increases calcium absorption, increases bone volume and reduces bone loss because of osteoporosis.

For lush hair:

Now you may wonder why natives from South India are known for their abundant and thick hair growth…coconut oil of course. Apply it for the growth and thickness, it prevents dandruff too.

Skin care:

Coconut oil keeps the skin soft, supple and shiny. Apply a little daily and see the awesome difference.

This is not all, coconut oil is emerging as a new elixir offering goodness that is healthy, wondrous and joyful.  If this article has stirred your interest towards coconut oil, make the shift slowly by first including it in your diet.

With so many multiple benefits of coconut oil, it is no wonder that it has such a fan following abroad and here in India as well.

Please note: Remember that moderation is key over here. And as always, we would still recommend you to consult your doctor especially if you have a medical condition. If you feel that coconut oil does not suit your body, then it is best to refrain from it.

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