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7 Unique ways to serve a cola

Festivities is the time of social gatherings and needless to say, food and drinks form a huge part of it. But instead of serving the soft drinks as they are, we suggest that you bring in a unique twist to them. Here are 7 different ways to serve Coke or Pepsi…

Watermelon Ice Sparkle

Who doesn’t love red and ripe watermelons. For this drink, first prepare your cola. Pour Pepsi or Coke (or combine the two!) in ice cube trays and set for a few hours. In the meanwhile, you can cube some watermelon and keep in the refrigerator to cool. When the ice cubes are ready, put watermelon pieces in a mixer with no water and make juice. Strain and pour into tall glasses. Now add your cola cubes in the juice and enjoy! This can be an ideal accompaniment to a casual brunch with family and friends.

Optional ingredients:

Salt, fresh mint leaves, rock salt and black pepper powder. You can add any of these in the juice or even all.

Citrus Spike

Now, do the opposite. Instead of cola cubes, make citrus ones. You can extract fresh juice if you want or buy different kinds of packaged citrus juices that are easily available. Pour Pepsi or Coke in a tall glass and add different citrus cubes such oranges, sweet lime (mosambi) and pink grapefruit.

Other options:

You can add cola cubes to citrus juice. Or, squeeze half a lemon in your glass of Coke.

Tea Blends

Add Coke to your black iced tea and experience a sensational taste of deliciousness run through your throat. But don’t limit this to just black tea. Add a splash of Coke to any variety of tea. Try different flavors – green tea, white tea, oolong or any other you fancy.

You can also try this:

Add some dried rose petals into your tea brew and set aside for a while. Strain your tea and keep in the refrigerator to chill. Add a bit of Coke and relish.

Ensure that you never run out of Coke and Pepsi for serving guests.

Tangy and spicy cooler

Raise your hand if you had masala Pepsi or Coke as a child from a vendor selling a variety of juices and snacks! This idea is a take on this childhood delicacy. If you know the secret spice those vendors used, go ahead and try it. But if you don’t, make your own variation of tangy and spicy cola using jaljeera or chaat masala. Place lots of crushed ice in a pitcher, add spice of your choice and add coke or Pepsi. Mix well, pour and enjoy.

Other option

You can simply add some rock salt to your coke and enjoy a slightly different taste of your favorite beverage.

Mint and fruit cola pops

For this you will need a bunch of fresh mint leaves, seasonal fruits of your choice (citrus, kiwi fruit, berries, pineapple or watermelon) and Pepsi or Coke. Chop fruits very finely and crush mint leaves. Add these in a pitcher of Coke or Pepsi. Mix well. Pour the mixture into molds and freeze. You can enjoy this as an after-dinner cool dessert or on a hot summer afternoon.

For a different texture or flavour:

Use fruit juices instead of chopped fruits.

Ginger and chilly drink

This one is a fiery way to consume cola. You need fresh ginger, red chili flakes, lemon juice, rock salt, crushed ice and Pepsi or Coke. Extract juice from fresh ginger and add chili flakes, rock salt and a few drops of lemon juice in a pitcher. Add crushed ice and Pepsi. Mix well. Pour into glasses and savor a (hot) chilled drink.

For variety:

Add cinnamon powder instead of rock salt. Or use fresh coriander or mint leaves to subdue the flavor.

Herbal Soda

Everyone has a favorite herb. Use it to make your own flavor of cola. Infuse some rosemary in water and cool it. Strain the liquid and add to your Pepsi. Add dried basil and salt in your Coke for a different take on your usual cola. Similarly, try your Pepsi with dried chives, sage or parsley.

For a bold flavor:

Make a concoction of basil and cinnamon; add crushed strawberries and ice to it when the liquid cools down and mix it with Pepsi.

You can use your own ideas to create interesting Coke or Pepsi drinks for a party or just to sip it on a lazy summer day. You can add Pepsi to your cake batter, top your ice cream with it or drink it with any fruit juice you like. Ever tried fizzy apple juice with a hint of cola? Well, try it!

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