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How to deep clean and revamp before Diwali

Diwali is around the corner and all of us are prepping up for the dhamaka celebrations. In the midst of arranging a ‘taash/card party’, dishing out delicious goodies, us jet setting adults are furiously going through our social diary to see which days we can take off for pre-Diwali cleaning.

We list out some hacks for you that will help you sail through the Diwali prep.

Why so much brouhaha over pre-Diwali cleaning?

Because Diwali, besides being a ‘Festival of Lights’ is also the most opportune time to welcome Goddess Laxmi, Deity of wealth and abundance. Legends have it that the Goddess comes searching for a house which is clean, well decorated and brightly lit. Well, you don’t want to miss her, do you?

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Begin the deep cleaning home beautifying routine:

Diwali is one of the biggest festivals celebrated with much gusto and spirit. Signifying a new dawn, it also indicates a departure from the old and beginning of a New Year. Therefore, everything is new. New clothes, diyas, sparklers, meeting and greeting, decorating, rangoli and much more. So, let us make space for the new.

Cleaning your homes and removing the clutter is another way to cleanse. It assimilates the element of purifying the mind as well as our soul. It is believed that new broom is purchased to sweep the house, indicating that poverty is being ‘swept’ away. For the business class, Diwali is also a New year.

As it is customary for us to clean our homes pre-Diwali, we have listed some cleaning hacks before the festivities set in…

Let us begin with the living room:

Fans- Get onto a ladder and throw an old pillow cover over the fan. Gently wipe off the dirt and grime. If you want, wet the pillow cover a little to clean it better. Now breath in the crisp pure air.

Note: Wear a mask and cover your nose and mouth properly. If you wear glasses, please use them. Take care to see that dirt does not get into your eyes.

Furniture: Move all the furniture, send the carpet to the laundry for dry cleaning and do the jhadoo pochaa. We are hinting at the nook and crannies which is missed all the days of the year.

Walls, windows, doors and door knobs: If you have curtains, bring them down and send them to the laundry. Once curtains are out of the way get on your way, get your hands dirty by cleaning window grills with water and detergent. Wipe the window panes spic and span and of course the doors and door knobs.

Sofa and other sets: Get a water-based fabric detergent and a steam cleaner.  Make a solution of detergent and water. Apply the mixture to the sofa and wipe off the grime. Dry off with steam cleanser or vacuum.


Put your mattress out on the terrace. Let natural light disinfect it. Throw other blankets, bedsheets in the washing machine and let it do its job.

Wardrobes:  You will agree that our cupboard is a storehouse of unwanted things, old clothes, things we have an emotional attachment to, clothes we hope to fit in tomorrow and all those knick- knacks.

Do it now: Make three sets: Six months, Repair, and Yes Abhi!

Empty your cupboard completely. Never mind the mess it will make in the beginning. Quickly begin tossing each item in the respective set.

Thumb rule of six months: Believe us, if you have not used anything for six months, will never, ever use it much as you hope you will. Be a little strong hearted and discard all the things that don’t serve you anymore. Reorganize your wardrobe. Make space for the new.

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Kitchen: Good lord, isn’t it the hardest to clean?  All those utensils, drawers, shelves and yes, half- eaten packets of farsan, wafers, biscuits. Throw them away. Check your fridge freezer. Have you tucked away a ready-made dosa dough and forgotten about it? Out it goes, what about those healthy dals and that speciality atta you promised you will have every day…?

Do it now: Any food that has passed its expiry date should not be in the kitchen. The same goes for medicines. Take care to discard all such things as soon as possible.

Equipment: Old mixers, toasters and such items that were meant to be repaired and used but are lying around collecting dust. Discard them now. Buy new equipment.

Cutlery, wine glasses and utensils: Bring them out of their shelves, wash and dry them out. Bring on their shine; keep them on the top so that you don’t forget to utilize them. Most of us wait for a momentous moment to use good cutlery. The moment is now.

Clean those shelves: Mix a little white vinegar in hot water. Use this mixture to wipe the shelves and surfaces clean. Follow it again with plain water cleaning and wipe it dry.

Fridge: Throw away all the food, drinks, breakfast mixes and such other items which are old. Then take half a lemon. Dip it in vinegar and wipe your fridge off the grim and food stains. See it sparkle.

Note: Switch off the mains of the fridge.

A good dishwasher will ensure that you get rid of those stains.

Bathroom: The same goes for the bathroom. Here you can add bleaching powder to the floor and let the bathroom floor sparkle. Wash the walls, if they are washable, with detergent to see how shiny your bathroom gets.

Meanwhile, take a plastic bag and toss away the thrash like purana shampoos, conditioners, toothbrushes, etc.

Don’t forget the faucets, mirrors, basins, shower taps. Scrub the buckets and the jugs. Use a liquid cleanser and a sponge. Follow it with a disinfectant. Generously throw toilet cleaning liquid in the commode and clean with a brush meant to wash toilets. Finally use a wiper to wipe away excess water and let the bathroom dry while you take a break. Rearrange things in an orderly manner once it is dry.

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  • Do one room at a time. We don’t want to tire you.
  • Old newspaper is good for cleaning glass tops, etc.
  • Use hand gloves especially when sprucing up your bathroom.

Keep your home shining and welcoming for the Goddess. Draw an attractive rangoli and light diya on her path. May God bless your home.

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