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Fun ideas to entertain and serve guests this Diwali

Diwali is the time of get-togethers. But coming up with ideas to make sure your guests have a great time can be daunting. So, how do you become the perfect host and keep the flow of food and entertainment uninterrupted for your guests?

Here are some fun ideas to entertain and serve your party and house guests.

Food and drinks –

Food in itself is part of any party’s entertainment. Conversations flow around the food and beverages stands.

  • Include lots of snacks that people can easily eat while mingling around the party. Along with your regular Diwali treats, cheese platters, fruit sticks and canapés can work really well.
  • Include a variety of nonalcoholic beverages for guests of all age groups. Keep it simple with popular soda drinks but also include fruit mocktails for variety.

Make sure that that you have an uninterrupted flow of refreshing drinks.

  • If you are preparing the food yourself for a small gathering, a good idea to is to make interesting appetizers but to keep the main course simple. You can make fried rice, noodles, biryani, pizzas, and pastas as per your party’s theme. To increase the variety of snacks, you can include nachos with grated cheese or different dips, carrot or cucumber sticks with yogurt dips, roasted potato cubes with mint chutney etc. These are easy to prepare and can keep your guests engaged with food and conversations.

Stack up on the munchies that your guests will love!


Now that you have the food covered, it’s time to bring in some fun activities.

  • Guests need to use a blindfold and identify names of foods they eat from a table full of different ingredients.
  • DIY craft activities where kids can take their creations home is always a hit with guests. Some easy-to-do ideas can be t-shirt painting or making chocolates or bead jewelry.
  • The winner of any previous game decides on the next activity and everyone has to agree. This one can produce surprisingly good or bad results!
  • You can even play games such as ‘guess the word/personality’.

House Guests

If you are hosting house guests for an extended visit, you can plan a host of activities to make their stay with you satisfactory.

  • Plan activities other than the usual sightseeing of popular places in your town. Some ideas can be cultural centers in your town or performances by local artists such as standup acts or live music.
  • If your overnight guests also include kids, plan a picnic followed by a tour of some interesting shops.
  • Take your guests to old city markets, which can be a refreshing time away from malls.

With just some simple ideas, you can establish yourself as the perfect Diwali host.

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