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5 Healthy Diwali Gifting Options

We know, Diwali is the time of abundance and indulgence, but there is no harm in embracing the healthy route, is there? For those of you who do not want to derail yours or other’s wellness path, here are some apt gifting food options. Have them yourself or share with others!

Dried Fruits

Dried fruits are generously offered during Diwali. Not only do they make for great munchies, but are also packed with a whole lot of nutrients. Plus, they are essential for festive preparations like kheer and halwa. Fresho Signature Dried Fruits offers quality delights and spoils you with choices. They also have dehydrated candies that you can enjoy all day long!

Wholesome Dips

Plain cumber and carrot – boring. Now have them with luscious dips and they are transformed. You can go for something like Wingreens Farm dips which are wholesome and come in an array of flavours to cater to a wide range of palate, namely Creamy Herb Dip, Peri Peri Garlic Dip, Chipotle Dip and the likes. You can buy a combination of them, wrap them in attractive packaging and gleefully present them to whosoever you like.

Dark Chocolate

Yes, you heard that right! If you have to give chocolates, we suggest you opt for the ultra dark ones. They (as you may already know) are packed with antioxidants, lift up one’s mood and also have lesser sugar content. Go for the best such as Lindberg Pure Belgian Dark Chocolate which is of premium quality and has no added sugar.

Millet Cookies

Cookies become an integral part of snacks during tea time. Kids especially love them. But instead of the usual ones that are loaded with sugar and all-purpose flour, you can opt to gift Millet Cookies, a healthier alternative. They are free from maida, baking powder, and preservatives.

Green Tea

Green tea is synonymous with health and weight loss. It’s like that special nudge to whoever you gift it to. Every time they look at it, they will think about health. And those who already love their green cuppa will be thankful for it! Go for BB Royal Green Tea packs that come in flavours Tulsi as well as Lemon and Honey.

Here’s to a great and wholesome Diwali!

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