Energy boosting foods to keep you upbeat during and after Diwali

During Diwali, we need oodles of energy to do all the things the festival entails.  Post which, we need the strength to recuperate. To keep us charged through all of this, we have listed some energy boosters that will keep you vibrant and enthusiastic till the New Year.

Maintain your stamina with dry fruits:

Thanks to Bollywood, almonds and a glass of milk has always been portrayed as a potent energy giver. But then, it is true. Munch on cashew nuts, walnuts, almonds, raisins, pistas and the complete array. Dry fruits are ideal during a fast. If you find them boring, mix the when preparing ladoo, when you are making kheer or any of those delicious festive goodies. A word of caution: Do not overeat dry fruits.  Remember, balance is the key.  Always check if you have any allergies to nuts.

Go on a date: Dates:

It is no wonder that in some cultures devotees break their fast with dates. Apart from the long list of benefits dates offer, it is also a fantastic source of energy, keeping your sugar levels well balanced.

Get sweet with sweet potato:

Sweet potatoes are considered better than our regular aloo because they are richer in nutrients and beta-carotene.  Have it like a chaat or enjoy it baked. You can also find it on the roadside where sweet potatoes are slowly cooked on coals. Who can ever resist the aroma of smoked ‘Shakarkhandi’? It is a great energy booster and will keep you vibrant throughout the coming festivals, partying and more.

Go banana with bananas:

Whoever said that bananas make you fat please leave the room…Contrary to the common perception, the fruit provides complex carbs which pump up your energy levels, enough to keep you dancing throughout the night. A good source of glucose, it provides vibrancy without making you fat. It is also a good source of potassium and helps proper function of your BP.

Eat your Fibre: Eat your bowl of oats daily. It has both insoluble and soluble fibre which keeps your tummy full for a longer time. It is a great energy booster. If oats are not your type then dig into a lunch of dal tadka. Lentils like masoor dal, urad dal, toor dal, chana dal contain fibre and keep your vitality up. Fruits like pear and super seeds like flaxseed are some great ingredients which give you energy.

Waah Dal: Legumes:

Legumes, apart from fibres, are a good source of protein, carbs, and other nutrients as well. So enjoy rajma chawal, chole bhature, green gram and black gram with chaat masala, hummus etc.

Dahi le ke dekh:

Yogurt is yet another yummy food that keeps you on the go. Rich in calcium and vitamins, it is probiotic aiding in digestion and immunity, helping to pow-pow-out bad bacteria. Take in the form of homemade shrikhand or prepare thick lassi topping it with dry fruits…now we have a lip-smacking drink. By the way, have you tried piyush, a Maharashtrian drink? It is absolutely irresistible made of shrikhand and lassi!

Nutty about peanut butter:

Do you know that peanut is very a rich source of Omega 3 and boosts your heart’s function? Therefore, apply a dollop full of peanut butter on your toast and feel the zeal throughout the day. This butter also helps your stamina to be at its optimal. A word of caution: Do not overdo peanut butter and always check if you have any allergies to nuts.

A pot of honey:

Honey is an instant energizer and offers many beauty and health benefits too. Mix a teaspoon of honey in dahi and get your mojo back. A teaspoon of honey in green tea will help you to keep fit in spite of all the festive goodies you will gorge upon. If you feel dehydrated, cut some cucumber, carrots, and tomatoes, squeeze lemon, add salt to taste and mix some honey. Keep in the fridge for a while.  Have a cool salad. It is healthy and will instantly energize you.

So dear revellers, this season feel the zeal.

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