What’s trending in the beauty world right now

Every now and then we see social media (especially Instagram) getting flooded with new beauty trends. It’s like there is no limit to experimentation and why should there be? No matter what we feel about them, there is always a certain amount of excitement and curiosity to try out these new looks. Here is a list of current quirky beauty trends that we’re sure you’d love to try:

Glass Skin

Image Source – Shaidys World

A trend that evolved from the Korean obsession over baby-like soft, perfect skin, the glass skin is here to stay. A spotless look that boasts of a sheen that resembles a newly installed glass window, this look is all over social media. It is a sign of youthfulness and takes an effort to achieve. Regular skin care routine, a clean balanced diet and the right highlighting products are what it takes to perfect the glass skin.

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Floating Crease

Image Source – @nadineartistry (Instagram)

Colourful eye makeup has been trending since the beginning of this year. Something that has recently taken over the beauty world is the minimal, clean and soothing look of the floating crease for an eyeshadow. Instead of heavily blended and layered crease, the simple stroke to line the crease between your lashes and brow gives a fresh look. Trying different colours for this makeup trend is a plus point, it’ll add more exuberance to your personality.

Pick up an eyeshadow with multiple colours to achieve this look.

Holographic Lips

Image Source – AllDayChic.com

If glass skin wasn’t enough glam enough for you, try the holographic lip glosses that have made a huge impact in the beauty world today. Whether you decide to wear lipstick or not, these holographic glosses can add metallic rainbow lustre to your look. We are definitely trying this one!

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Fierce Graphic Eye

Ulla Johnson

Another eye makeup trend that has already taken over is this fierce, high impact liner that was all over New York Fashion Week. The white sharp lines under the lower lash line at Ulla Johnson’s show this year defines the modern day chic. This trend will definitely be huge this year if it already isn’t.

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Cool Girl Hair

It’s time to forget about the perfect blowout or defining curls. It’s all about textured natural hairstyles. This style is empowering as well as laid back at the same time. No matter the colour of the hair, a cool and breezy laidback look suits everyone.

Oil your hair regularly for lustrous and healthy hair.

Do tell us which your favourite trend from this year is. Comment below!

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