Classic beauty inspiration: Audrey Hepburn

Here are some tips that we have taken out of the legend’s beauty look book…

Audrey Hepburn, the legendary British actress who captivated us with her flawless looks and effortless acting is an inspiration to many. Her classic beauty, unmatched elegance and timeless style will forever be etched in our minds. The stunner could carry suits, trousers, dresses and even gigantic hats and earrings gracefully because she was confident in her own skin.

Here are some tips that we have taken out of the legend’s beauty look book…

You can never go wrong with bold red lips:

One thing Audrey taught us is that no matter the outfit or hairdo, there’s nothing that beats a bold red lipstick. A red lipstick seemed to be her go-to for almost any type of look, be it collared shirts or petite dresses. We’re sure you can rock it too!

Sunglasses work with every outfit:

Audrey rocked every style before it became “cool”. She wore statement sunglasses with all types of outfits and even black evening gowns and chunky jewellery. Big hats and wayfarers were always her thing and we can’t overlook the glamour in it!

Bold eyeliner can soften short hairdos:

Short hair is convenient and chic but sometimes it can pass off as harsh and intimidating. This is why Audrey paired it with bold dark eyeliner! It looked stunning, didn’t it?

Define your Cupid’s bow:

Audrey knew how to add extra femininity to any look by focusing on the right areas on her face. For a dramatic cupid’s bow you can use a lip liner just under your natural lip line, just the way Audrey did it.

Bold brows are always in, even when they’re not!

Hepburn knew fuller brows are timeless. Even when everyone sported the wispy brow look, Audrey went for a fuller and natural look that was worth emulating.

Opt for an eyebrow pencil to get fuller brows.

More than any beauty routine, Audrey demonstrated a confidence no one else can match. The way she carried herself with elegance and poise will always be remembered, making her the ultimate beauty inspiration of all time.

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