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Understanding Cat Body Gestures – Tail, Ears and Eyes

Cats like other animals communicate through their body language. With the correct understanding of feline behaviour, you can better take care of your cat’s needs. In the first half of our series, we decipher what they convey with their tail, ears and eyes.


Animals use their tails to communicate a variety of emotions. Depending on the tail’s position, you can know when to approach your cat and when to step back.

  • Cats with their tail up may be expressing excitement or it can be a display of approachable behaviour. It can also mean a confident kitty. Cats with their tail down can mean they are scared or angry.
  • A fast wagging tail can mean agitation.
  • Tail between legs can mean anxiety or insecurity.
  • Erect tail fur can mean a scared cat; erect tail but flat fur can indicate happiness.
  • If a cat’s tail is curled around a human’s legs or another kitty’s tail, it is a friendly gesture.


Your cat’s eyes can indicate many different feelings.

  • Half-closed eyes can mean your cat is relaxed and in a trusting mood.
  • Slow blinks can indicate a trust in you. Fluttering can mean your cat is displaying love towards you or another cat. You can respond to your cat’s fluttering blinks by repeating the gesture or petting them.
  • A stare can indicate a challenge from your cat. It is best to back away.
  • Dilated pupils can mean your cat is scared or surprised by something in the environment or perhaps your own behaviour!
  • Constricted pupils can be indicative of aggression.

Along with paying heed to the behavioural signs, it is also important that you fed your pet nutritious food.


Your cat’s ears can indicate either happy or aggressive behaviour.

  • Ears bent forward can mean playfulness or happiness. Ears turned backwards can indicate your cat’s irritated mood.
  • Ears turned sideways can mean your cat is nervous about something. Ears against the head can indicate aggression in cats.
  • Ears standing straight up probably mean your cat is in an alert mood.

The more you understand the meaning behind your precious cat’s body gesture, the stronger your bond will grow.

Treat your cat with the best of food.

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