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Trick or treat? Candy and chocolate delights for Halloween

Celebrating Halloween might not be in our tradition, but it sure has caught on. After all, why would the little ones pass on an opportunity to get free chocolates? So, if you have adorable kids knocking on your door saying, “trick or treat,” here is how you can bring a smile to their faces.

Cavendish & Harvey Candies – Fruit Flavoured

The little ones are going to squeal with joy over this candy jar packed with attractive and colourful fruit flavoured wonders. Just remove the lid and let them pick what they want. Also, once the confectionaries are over, you can use the jar to store something else! It is priced at INR 637.50 for 966 gm.

Lindberg Assorted Gift Box – Pure Belgium Chocolate Truffles

Want to give the rugrats a taste of the finer things in life? Go for the Lindberg Assorted Gift Box. These pure Belgium chocolates melt in the mouth and come with a range of interesting flavours (chilli flavoured white chocolate anyone?). The truffle box of 120 gm (12 pcs) is priced at INR 419.

Jaa Chocolates – Cashew Chikki

This pack offers a nutty and enjoyable blend of cashew nuts and dark chocolate. They come in a holographic wrapper, which is sure to catch the kids’ fancy. It is priced at INR 450 for 225 gm.

Mazelo Flavored Candy

An assortment of fruity flavours such as apple, guava, watermelon, banana, litchi, these sugary delights are a great option for the tiny tots. Ask which this their favourite fruit and pick the candy accordingly. It’s light on the pocket too with INR 50 for a pack of 277 gm.

Twister Chocolate Wafer Roll

Want to give something different than the usual? We suggest that you go for these crispy and twisted wafer rolls with a burst of chocolate inside. The kids will love it (and so will the adults). The box is priced at INR 270 for 320 gm.

Lindt Chocolate – Lindor Assorted Truffles

If you feel your neighbourhood munchkins deserve the finest quality, then you can go for the Lindt Chocolate – Lindor Assorted Truffles. These beautifully wrapped chocolates are super smooth and rich in taste. They are priced at INR 985.50 for 200 gm.

Cadbury Perk Home Pack

On the other hand, if you do not want to spend too much, then these Perks make the ideal fit. They are crunchy, chocolatey and loved by the kids. Plus, they will be glad about the size of the chocolate. A pack of 27 units (175 gm) will cost you INR 99.

So, take your pick and make this Halloween enjoyable for you adults and the kids!

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