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Makeup products for Halloween (that can be used later as well)

It’s that time of the year when you can go wild with your makeup. Halloween parties call for dark, over the top and ingenious looks. To assist you with the same, we list some handy products. Don’t worry, they will come into use even after the day is over!

Lakme Eyebrow Pencil

Now we normally would not recommend that you go on painting your skin with makeup products. But if you are planning to do intricate drawings on your face (refer to the pic above), the eyebrow pencil comes handy as it has a thin tip. And don’t forget to remove it off with makeup remover or lotion. After the Halloween, it can be used for what it’s meant to be, an eyebrow pencil.

Biotique Bio Almond Kajal

On the other hand, if you want a product that can easily be spread and filled across the face, we suggest the Biotique Bio Almond Kajal. It’s creamy texture and deep hue offers an intense look. Also, it is always good to know that the kajal has natural ingredients.

Coloressence Lip Color – Grape Wine

The darker the lipstick, the better. But if you are not comfortable with going all black, we suggest that you go for this rich grape wine one from Coloressence. Apply several coats for a deep hue this Halloween. And when it’s over, you can go for a single coat for a lighter shade. What’s more, the lipstick has vitamin E, jojoba oil and licorice extract that heal cracked lips (ideal for the cold weather).

Coloressence Lip Color – Brick Red

Think Halloween makeup and two colours come to mind, red and black. To get vampire lips, you can go for the brick red hue from Coloressence. Apply them heavily on the lips and maybe a bit on the chin in drop shapes as well to complete the look.

Revlon Glitzy Nights Nail Enamel

Halloween is the time that you can go crazy with the nails. And that is why we suggest something like Revlon Glitzy Nights Nail Enamel. It’s dark, sparkly and simply dazzling. Thanks to all its glitter, you can use this for the New Year’s party too!

Revlon Nail Enamel, Fireball

Another option is to go for a fiery red colour that will stand out no matter what outfit you wear. We recommend Revlon Nail Enamel, Fireball for its striking hue. It also offers a smooth and flawless look and is chip resistance for 9 days.

Avon True Color Eye Shadow Quad

When it comes to Halloween makeup, you simply cannot ignore the eyes. It’s the perfect time to get those exaggerated smoky eyes! Avon True Color Eye Shadow Quad palate comes super handy. It has four eyeshadow hues. Use three the 3 and 4 shades to achieve the dark and mysterious look whereas 1 and 2 can be applied for other occasions.

You can play around with the makeup products to get the look that you desire. Wishing you all a happy Halloween!

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