7 Hairstyles for a bad hair day

We all love our hair when it is freshly washed and conditioned! It feels great, right? But the following days of no wash make your precious tresses look greasy and lifeless. During these times (where you would rather be at home), you can try these hairstyles to keep you going! And yes, it’s perfect for the lazy girls out there!

Covered Hair

Yes, you heard me right! Your intention is to hide your bad hair. So, grab a beanie or a hat or even a cap of your choice. Put it on your head, and no one’s going to notice your greasy hair. This trick works well with western outfits

Side Bun

Buns look classy all the time. To make it, part your hair like you normally do. Take all the hair to one side and start twisting it. Start making a bun at the nape by rotating it. This should be done either to left or right side. Fix all the hair with a rubber band and bobby pins. Once you are done, pull the hair a bit to add volume.

Sleek Ponytail

This trend never goes out of style. Start by detangling your hair with your hand. Then, take a very fine-tooth comb and gently comb all the way till the end. Now grab the hair at the back and tie it with a rubber band. Since your tresses will be a bit greasy, a fine-tooth comb will give your hair a sleek look. Before tightening your rubber band, comb once again and pull your rubber band tightly to make the hairstyle look crisp and neat.

Opt for a comb from a reputed brand.

Messy Bun

These are easy to make and simply look adorable! To do this, gently detangle your hair with fingers and grab all of it to the top of your crown. Make it as high as you wish. Now slide the rubber band through your hair and slightly twist it before securing it with the band. This will make the bun look voluminous and messy. To add cuteness, pull some hair strands from the front area just to frame the face.

Braided Bun

First, make a high ponytail. Start braiding the hair till the end. Once you are done, pull from the sides to make it voluminous. Now twist this braided section all over the rubber band, where you tied your pony. Secure it with bobby pins and you have your braided hair bun.

Headband Bun

Slide on a band of your choice, preferably one that matches your outfit. Now grab all that hair and tie a low pony. Twist the leftover hair onto that rubber band and make a bun. Secure all this with bobby pins. This look is very feminine and girly! To add more drama, pull some hair from near your temples.

Use quality hair styling products to achieve the perfect look. 

Twisted Bun

This is the simplest of all. Comb your hair thoroughly and make a high pony. Twist the hair and make that into a bun. Add bobby pins and you are good to go!

So, the next time you feel lazy to wash your hair, try these easy hairstyles!

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