The ideal way to clean makeup brushes

Makeup brushes are a blessing to us since they lend a good finish and make the whole process of makeup application easy. But when unclean, these besties can breed bacterial growth and cause breakout on the surface of the skin. Defies the whole process of looking pretty, doesn’t it? Don’t let your brushes remain dirty for long, here is how you can clean them…

Good to know:

Bare Essentials Makeup Brushes

Brushes come in a variety of bristles. Some are natural, some synthetic and others are a mix of both. Synthetic brushes are good for liquid products since they don’t absorb a lot of product. While natural bristles are great for powder products as it gives a good finish. The fact remains that no matter which type of brush you use, they must be cleaned well.

For a quick wash

It is said that you must wash your brushes every day. If you are pressed for time (as we all are), a quick clean up can be done daily. To do this, just spray some spritz of brush cleaner on the brush head and then wipe the brush head with a tissue paper.

Tip: You can use a baby shampoo for cleaning brushes as it is mild in nature.

For a thorough wash

The most effective way of cleaning brush can be time-consuming. This can be done on a weekly basis.

To do this:

  • Take a cup or jar in which you can put the makeup brushes in an inverted position.
  • Fill half of that jar with lukewarm water.
  • Add one spoon (or more depending upon the number of brushes) of mild shampoo to this water and mix it thoroughly with that water.
  • Now put all the dirty brushes in that jar and let it sit for a few minutes. Don’t let the brush barrel dunk into the water, we just want to clean that brush head. If the barrel sinks into the soapy water, then it can damage the brush. It will reduce the life of the brush.
  • Now take out the brushes and drain the water.
  • Rub the brush head on a brush cleaning egg and thoroughly wash it.
  • Squeeze the excess water from the brushes as soon as possible and place it on a towel.
  • When placing the brushes on the towel, keep it in a tilted position. It means that the brush head should come to the downside. This won’t allow the water to get inside the barrel whereby protecting the brush from further damage.
  • Now air-dry the brushes until they are completely dry. Always air-dry the brushes since the external heat from the hair dryer or other heating devices will cause harm. The excess heat will make the brush head, shed its hair.

Hope this article motivated you to clean your dirty brushes!

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