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Little changes that go a long way to weight loss

In the fitness crazy era, all of us know of a few “how to” tips for weight loss. Yet, many just rush through exercises not realizing that fitness is a lifestyle. If you are rushed for time and find it difficult to keep up with regular workout and your gym classes, introducing a few teeny-weeny changes will go a long way to keep you healthy and fit.

“It is not how much you do at a time; it is how regular you are”.


Whatever fitness routine you adopt, just follow it with regularity and resolve. If it is going for a morning walk on your street, get up and go daily, even if it is only for 20 minutes.


Don’t reach out for something to munch if you are bored, think of something to do instead. Get out of the house and walk around. If you are truly hungry, your stomach will rumble, then walk right back into the kitchen before you are famished.

Keep yourself hydrated:

Drink water throughout the day especially during hot in Indian summers.  If need be, add electrolyte powder to give you the required boost of energy. Many times we confuse hunger with thirst and end up eating when our body requires just water. Similarly, when you get a headache, drink a glass of water before you take your cup of tea or coffee. Add honey and lemon juice to warm water and drink it. Besides helping you keep your weight down, there is a host of benefit this drink has to offer.

Monitor your eating habits:

It would be a great idea to be aware of when and what you eat. Do you eat at any given time or do you show up to your food when you when are truly hungry? Do you snack in between meals? What do you reach out for? Have you made eating fruits a habit…and such questions.  Make suitable changes that help you keep fit.

Break ke baad:

If you are a TV buff this is a happy diversion. During the break, do your micro-mini exercises eg: 2 sets of sit-ups, and push-ups. You can even skip, run on the spot, do jumping jacks (10-15 reps) or simply dance. The survey shows that they are as effective as going to the gym.

Take the stairs:

If your office is on the 5th floor, take lift up till the 3rd floor and walk up two floors. During your lunch break, once again climb down two floors and up two floors.  So if you are stuck in your office completing a deadline, you still get your share of the workout.

Walk, walk and walk around:

Whether at the office or at home, keep moving.  Remember our favourite line “Every movement counts”, so walk when you are on the cell phone enjoying a girly talk. Get up and walk up to your colleague instead of using an intercom when at work.  Walk, dance, jump, it is all up to you.

Eat your fruits:

Eat the whole fruit instead of drinking the juice.  This will ensure that you get more nutrition from the fruits.  Moreover, chewing food helps to produce more saliva thus helping in the digestion process. It also transmits the message to our brain to get your gut ready for digestion. This does not happen when you are drinking.

When hungry between meals, reach out for dry fruits instead of junk food 


Don’t be sleep deprived. It can lead to immediate weight gain.  Sleep-deprivation causes stress hormone cortisol to amp-up. This has a downside as it increases your appetite.

Small plates, small portions:

Take quarter plates when serving yourself with food. This controls the portion of serving you heap upon your dish. Small plates will look fuller faster thus resulting in all round controlled consumption of food thus helping in weight loss.


As much as we give thumbs down for snacking, sometimes we do need to snack. Forget the Frenchman, stretch your hand for dry fruits or simply fruits when hungry. Stack up some healthy eats that you can munch into and not feel guilty later.

Cheat days:

Lock down your cheat days. That day you can eat what you want but with full awareness.  Mindful indulgence is good for your spirits and keeps you content. It also motivates you to control your portions other days of the week.

Fresh fruits in moderation are your best friends when it comes to eating healthy and weight loss.

These are a few tips we have for you, dear readers, to keep your weight down. You can add your own innovative ideas and even share it with us. Meanwhile, the above tips will go a long way to support your health routine.

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