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5 ways to make your salad more interesting

You already know that eating salad is good for health. But does the word ‘boring’ come to mind when you think of these nutritious nibbles? For that special nudge towards your wellness path, we let you in on 5 ways you can make them interesting. In other words, a win-win situation for your taste buds as well as health.

Add something cooked

Does salad make you feel like you are eating ghas-pus? A great idea is to add something cooked. It can be anything from sweet potato, quinoa, grilled paneer, pasta or even rice for that matter. Not only will it give you a feeling of a complete meal but will also keep you full for a longer time. And not to mention the enhanced taste!

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The nuttier the better

As we already know by now, dry fruits are packed with nutrients. One of the ways to jazz up your salad and up your health quotient is to sprinkle in some dry fruits. Cashew, almonds, walnuts are perfect to bring in that extra crunch whereas dates and raisins lend an irresistible sweet taste.

Make it a chaat treat

This especially comes handy during that evening hunger when you are craving something chatpata from the roadside. Instead of reaching for the street food, take your regular veggies and load on the coriander, chaat masala, lemon, onions, roasted papad and boiled pulses. You can even douse some tamarind and jaggery chutney. A treat for your taste buds (and health)!

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Throw in some diced fruits

Another option to make your salad more interesting is to add some fresh fruits. Firstly, they will take the flavour of the dish to a whole another level. And secondly, your sweet cravings will be satiated too to some level. Apples, pomegranate, strawberries, orange, sweet lime all make great accompaniments to raw vegetables.

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All about the dressing

Here is a simple truth, one of the reasons why the salad you eat outside tastes so much better than the home is the dressing. It’s just like how the masala you put in your food makes the difference. So, think about the kind of dressing you want, hummus, peanut butter with soya sauce, honey with vinegar, yoghurt, all are great options. And if you do not mind a bit of indulgence whip up fresh cream, olive oil, and sugar together for a creamy and delicious dressing!

Go creative with your salads and be amazed at the results!

4 comments on “5 ways to make your salad more interesting

  1. Meena Goswami

    First is understanding , salads are rich source of nutrients with low fats ,this is understanding , 99.9 % people understand this but the problem comes with execution ,the above five ways are methods which makes the understanding of eating salads executable ,creativity is the key ,be solution oriented and then using creativity would be helpfull in making your food healthy as well as interesting .Right way of following the correct path .👍

  2. Usha Grace Antony

    I want to know the different ways in which quinoa can be used. Thanks

    • Swetlana Neog

      Hi, Usha. We will soon post an article on the same.

      BB Lifestyle Team

    • Rupali Naik

      With Quinoa u can made kichdi, pudding, also make a dish like curd rice use quinoa instead of rice, daliya, upma, dosa also and many more😊.

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