8 Foods to heal stretch marks

Do you resist donning certain clothes due to being conscious of your stretch marks? While we think that these lines should in no way hinder you from wearing what you want to, there are ways of minimising their appearance with what you eat.

Here are 8 foods that help reduce stretch marks…

What you need to know

Stretch marks are like bands across your skin which appear when you suddenly lose or gain weight. They show up as a keepsake of your triumph over weight or your trials through pregnancy. It is the effect of the wear and tear of the dermis appearing mainly on your thighs, abdomen, arms, hips and other areas as well. Though they are not easy to make them completely disappear, you can still win this battle against stretch marks through diet and beauty routine.

What food should you eat to get rid of the nasty stretch marks?


Water, as we all know by now, keeps your skin pumped up and hydrated. This decreases the chances of your skin developing stretch marks. By drinking enough of it, you can amp up your skin hydrating and keep its elasticity intact. Water also helps to maintain normal production levels for collagen.


Tea, including green tea, is hydrating as it plumps up cells to help skin look fuller and less withered. Moreover, its antioxidants help the skin to fight any damage from the stretched skin and slowing the ageing process.


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Food rich in proteins

Protein can help improve the quality of your skin and aid in preventing stretch marks. Include eggs, meat, tuna, milk, cheese in your diet. Vegetarians can consume soy in their food as they are a rich source of protein.


Good news for all especially the vegetarians. Vitamins A, E, C help decrease stretch marks and promote healing of the skin. While vitamin C increases collagen (a connective tissue which keeps our skin smooth and supple) formation, vitamin A helps in the development of skin cells and vitamin E assists the body to produce more vitamin C. Your veggies are packed with nutrients for a healthy skin so get your dose of vitamin A (sweet potatoes, carrots), Vitamin C (oranges, berries etc.), Vitamin E (avocado, green leafy veggies, sunflower seeds)… See that you have a healthy serving of veggies and fruits on a daily basis. So, hey what are you waiting for?

Zinc-Rich Foods

Collagen (as mentioned above, is the connective tissue which binds our skin holding it together) requires trace mineral zinc for its production. So zinc up your diet by adding fish, rajma, pumpkin seeds, palak, oatmeal and more. This powerful mineral also plays a major part in the smooth functioning of enzymes that repair skin injuries, therefore, stretch marks.

Healthy Fat

Healthy fat like coconut oil, olive oil (extra virgin), ghee, fatty fish, whole eggs, etc, will improve the elasticity and enhance skin health.

Oranges and Lemon

Oranges are rich in vitamin C which helps the skin to pump up the skin.  Moreover, the vitamin C in oranges, lemon etc. helps to make skin to recover from any skin damage keeping it supple and stretch mark- free!

Salads made with cucumber and tomatoes

Cucumber’s high water content helps us to stay hydrated which promotes skin elasticity and collagen formation.  Additionally, it also flushes out toxins from our system thus, supporting our efforts to maintain a healthy skin and a pink complexion.  Tomatoes, on the other hand, are rich in lycopene and vitamin C.  Lycopene helps with collagen formation and protects skin from environmental damage.

So here lovely readers, here are the tips. Now you can go ahead flaunt your beauty…strut along.

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