6 Travel makeup essentials

Want to look your best in all your travel pics but don’t want to overload your luggage with makeup? There is a way to work around that. You can pack the essentials and opt for products that have more than one use. This way you will save up a lot of space and won’t have to compromise on the look.

Read on to find what are the 6 travel makeup essentials…

BB cream

While travelling, it is best to keep the makeup simple and minimal. A BB cream fits the bill perfectly as it will blur the tiny blemishes and give an even tone to the skin. The cream is lightweight and usually comes with a sunscreen. So, that is one less item in your bag!

Compact powder

A compact powder is convenient to carry around and will give your face a finished look in a matter of seconds. It also ensures that your makeup stays in place and lasts for a longer time.


This tiny piece of makeup can make a huge difference in your face. Just by lining the eyes, your eyes look so much more alive and happy. It can also be used to create a smokey eye look or black base for the eyeshadow to work on.


Mascara opens the eyes and enhances it. It adds volume as well as length to the lashes. Even if you don’t apply kajal, the application of mascara will frame your face. These days, most of them come with curing properties so you won’t have to take eyelash curler with you.


Adding colour to lips is fun. It changes the whole appearance of the face. You can keep two or three lip options with you so that you can change them according to your outfit. Make sure to moisturise the lips before putting on the lipstick. Allow the balm to sink into the lips and then press lips on a tissue paper. This removes the excess balm and gives way to a smooth application of the lipstick.

Eyeshadow kit

An eyeshadow kit will enable you to flaunt multiple eye looks. You can mix and match colours according to your mood and occasion. It can also double up as eyebrow powder if you have black/brown shade in it.

As much as we would like to carry our entire makeup kit while travelling, it can be difficult. With these essentials, you can be ready for any occasion!

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