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Foods for strong and shiny hair

Who does not yearn to flaunt long and glorious hair? Right from the stunning actress Rekha down to our dearest Sulu, Vidya Balan, our desi heroines have stolen our heart with their black tresses cradling on one shoulder and delicately framing their faces.

Hair has always been a crowning glory, a natural attractive accessory which augments one’s beauty. It is but natural that we take care of it by eating right. Here are the different types of food for that cascading, thick and luscious hair….

Good to know:

But first, some good to know information…

  • Our hair is made up of a protein called keratin. Therefore, let us swing our plates towards proteins to keep the shine on your beauty. 
  • A good conditioner, shampoo, and serum combo will smoothen your tresses, making it easy to handle and curl. But if you don’t strengthen the roots follicles, you will lose a lot more than the advocated 100 hair per day.
  • For a strong pull-resistant mane which is flaunted in all adverts, pack your daily diet with hair specific nutrition. The added perks to this diet will be strong bones, nails and yes to all the lovelies out there, your skin will glow too.

So now that you have that cleared, below is what all you can incorporate into your diet.

Fruits, roots and veggies 

  • Carrots: Do we need to say more about carrots?  This A-lister of vitamins helps the scalp to produce sebum, an oil which provides natural hydration to dry hair.
  • TomatoesTomatoes contain lycopene that prevents hair damage and hair loss.
  • Sweet PotatoPacked with beta-carotene, sweet potato gets converted to vitamin A when digested. This not only promotes hair growth but also improves hair follicles from its roots.
  • SpinachGreen leafy greens like palak is an excellent source of folic acid, vitamin A, C, zinc which are key to hair growth and good health.
  • Bananas: A-kela is not just a good pick- me- up but its Vitamin B and zinc does wonders for your hair.

Seeds and nuts

  • WalnutsNuts are a great source of hair nourishment. Walnuts has hair enhancing nutrients such as vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin-E, biotin, copper and protein.
  • Sunflower seedsEven as a healthy midday snack or topping on your salad, munch on sunflower seeds. They contain hair boosting nutrients such as biotin, protein along with magnesium, zinc, selenium, potassium, copper, iron, vitamin B, and E. These seeds also have calcium. Phew!


  • MackerelYou want thick, black and lustrous locks, right? Then an oily fish can see its way on your plate. Apart from improving brain power, mackerels also contain omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. These prevent hair loss and strengthen the hair follicles. Even if you are not fond of this oily fish, after reading this you will go for it.
  • SalmonYet another fish that is packed with fatty acids, iron and vitamin B12, both of which are necessary for shiny skin and hair to match.  It is also a rich source of protein and vitamin D, thus strengthening the tresses and preventing breakages.  So, eat salmon and run your comb through your mane without a scare.
  • Shellfish: Shrimps pack a punch for hair-nourishment as they are loaded with fatty acids, vitamin D and B12, iron, zinc, selenium and of course protein.


  • EggsOur every- alternate morning staple, eggs are powered by hair boosting Vita-Mins(vitamins-minerals) like biotin which lends the shine. That is why they have an egg shampoo in the range of shampoos. Have it boiled, scrambled or as an omelette, they work wonders. But if you have a medical condition, just consume the prescribed amount.
  • LentilsLentils, full of protein and carbs and essential minerals helps in keeping strong and long while also promoting cell renewal.
  • Green TeaHere is your cuppa which promises long healthy tresses. The antioxidant polyphenol-rich green tea will improve your hair as well as your skin. Washing your hair with green tea helps prevent dandruff too.
  • Dark ChocolateWho would ever say ‘no’ to rich dark antioxidant potent with the goodness of vitamins and richness of minerals good for hair? Not us…

There are plenty of options here, so even if you cannot stand the thought of eating some of them, you can mix and match with the other foods. Go for it and flaunt your long, healthy tresses.

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