7 beauty products men shouldn’t shy away from using

It is true that men and women have different skin and hair care needs but that doesn’t mean men don’t need any! When it comes to beauty products, they usually shy away from using anything and end up complaining about bad skin or hair later. But these items aren’t necessarily time-consuming and high maintenance. Simple changes in your daily routine like incorporating beard oil or a shower gel can go a long way.

Here are 7 products men shouldn’t shy away from using…

Nivea Dark Spot Reduction Cream

Whoever said men don’t get acne couldn’t have been more wrong. Men deal with pimples and the dark spots it leaves behind as much as women do. But there are very few products focusing on this. Nivea Dark Spot Reduction cream is one product that not only helps reduce acne spots but also reduces tan. This has to be used regularly for a period of at least 2-3 weeks and the difference will be seen.

Ponds Oil Control Face Wash For Men

Travel and hard work can cause oily and dusty skin for anyone. All you need is a hydrating face wash that makes you feel fresh and clear after a long day. Pond’s Men Acne Clear Oil Control Face Wash is created with Mineral Clay & Witch Hazel Extract. It reduces excess oil and removes most of the acne-causing bacteria making your skin feel energized and clean.

Nivea Men Shower Gel

A good shower keeps you going all day. It is refreshing, makes every bath better and gives a reason to hop in one every morning. Nivea Men Shower Gels offer a range of vitalizing ones that are offered with varied ingredients. For an icy cool experience, you have the Cool Kick and for deep cleansing, you have the Pure Impact Gel. We’re sure this will transcend your shower routine tenfold!

Indulekha Hair Oil

Increasing stress and pollution can cause dandruff as well as hair fall for men. A simple solution to combat this problem is to oil your hair regularly. Indulekha Bhringa hair oil is a propriety Ayurvedic medicine that has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. It nourishes your hair with its natural ingredients and helps fights dryness, dandruff and hair fall.

Gillette ProGlide Razor

No one likes an uneven shave. That is why Gillete ProGlide gives you a 5 precision blade razor with FlexBall technology to get to every hair. It provides incredible comfort while shaving and this is the reason we believe it is a must-have for every man! The razor also comes equipped with a precision trimmer on the back of the razor, great for edging tough areas such as under the nose and sideburns!

Ustraa Beard Oil

If you’re one of those gentlemen who like rocking a classy beard, then this product is made for you. Ustraa Mooch and Beard Oil is enriched with vitamin through wheatgerm oil. It makes your face mane soft, luscious and legendary! The oil also controls frizz and smells heavenly.

The Man Company Beard and Moustache Cream

Another must-have for our bearded brothers, The Man Company’s Beard and Moustache cream is jojoba based. Loaded with Vitamin E, it is good for all kinds of beard. This cream keeps your facial hair soft and manageable.

Note: If any of these products give you a breakout and allergy, please discontinue it.

Don’t miss out on these products and on the chance of looking your best self. All you need is just a little grooming and the real charm will instantly be visible!

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    I was checking out some of the articles on your site & found your post about face cream.

    Great Stuff!

    Nivea men dark spot reduction cream contains UV filters and licorice extract that reduce dark spots. I’m using it now for more than four weeks and the results are quite impressive. The product is really good. Worth its price.

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