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For newbie pet parents: Must have items for your puppy

Owning a new pet can be quite exciting and if it is a dog, the experience will be just like raising a kid. No matter how much you are prepared; there will be always something which you will require to calm an enthusiastic pet. It is good to be ready, especially if this is a first for you. Here comes an exhaustive list of what every pet parent should have before they bring a new puppy into the family.


Your pet will need somewhere comfortable to sleep. You can either choose a crate or a bed or consider good foam for the dog to be comfortable. Selecting a designated spot where the puppy can rest during nap time or at night is a good idea. Also, make sure that the bed or crate is comfortable and safe enough for your little puppy. Choose two bowls, one for food and the other for water and place them somewhere where it will be easy for him to reach. Instead of buying plastic bowls, you can opt for ceramic or steel bowls which are durable and safer than their plastic counterparts. The puppy should have a proper diet, so consult your vet and opt for a good brand of dog feed. Find food which has a good blend of vitamins, proteins and minerals.

ID Tag and Leash

Both of these are extremely important in raising a puppy. The dog leash will connect you with the dog and ensure that he is not harmed. The leash will become indispensable when you decide to potty-train your dog. Take your dog out for a walk twice every day, but do not forget to put a leash before that. And put your contact information on the ID tag and hook it to a collar. Just like a little child, puppies tend to get lost; so, it is always good to provide your address in the ID tag so that a good Samaritan can bring him/her back.

Poop Bags

Buy a bunch of poop bags and keep them handy while you are out for a walk. It is best to clean the faeces with the poop bags to keep the roads and parks clean. Keep in mind, the poop of adult dogs can contain parasites which can be harmful to other dogs.

Safety Harness

You will need this safety harness when you are travelling with your pets in the car. This will not only refrain the dog from jumping out of the car by a mere sight of a squirrel, it will also keep him safe during accidents. The safety harnesses are used to keep the puppies in one single position, especially if they have a habit of moving around. Apart from this, booster seats are also available for puppies.

Training Materials

You need to be fully prepared before you start the training process for the puppy. Clicker training is one of the easiest ways to train your dog to respond to different commands. The clicking sound tells your dog that what he did at the precise moment of the clicking noise was the right behaviour. And because he has been such a good dog, you need to give him a treat. Keep a bag of them handy. Use a small soft chew, so that the dog gets the treat, but does not fatten in the process.

Toys and Chews

Just like you prepare the homecoming of your kid by decorating a baby room and adorning it with some lovely toys; you need to buy toys and chews for your little puppy before he comes home. There are different varieties of chews available on the market, but it is best to get hooves, rawhides, and bones. Chewing keeps the dog busy so that he is not unnecessarily engaged in any mischievous activities. Purchase different types of toys, to keep them entertained. Also, buy toys which will stimulate the dog’s senses. Some of the common ones are puzzle toys, balls and plush toys with squeakers.

Ensure that the chew sticks are from a reputed brand.

Grooming Products

You might not know it, but a brush will be your best friend on those bad hair days. You need to brush the dog’s hair to get rid of dead hairs, mats and dirt. Pick a good dog shampoo for the puppy; human shampoos are not good for dogs because they make the fur dry and itchy. Do not forget to give your puppies their monthly treat of pawdicures; if you are scared, take a class to know how you can handle nail clippers.

Covers for your furniture

Even though you designate a bed or playpen for the puppy, you cannot restrict its movement to a certain place only. Dogs roam everywhere in the house and they will definitely cuddle up with you when you are sitting in an armchair or sofa. Buy some furniture covers so that it is not covered with pet hair.

Take out some time to chart a plan and prepare a list of things you might need before bringing the puppy to home!

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