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5 Indulgent Christmas Dessert Recipes

Christmas calls for delectable cakes, pies and brownies. It’s almost like a free pass to indulge in sweet savouries (think of it as a cheat day or two). If you are wondering what to whip up on this special day, we have a few recipes for you below.

Berry Double Layer Cake with Custard Lemon Whipped Cream

Want to bake something different this time around? You can opt for this double layered cake coated with a generous slathering of custard lemon whipped cream. It is topped with mixed berries. The dash of lemon tanginess is perfect to balance the sweetness and the berries add to the freshness. Also, double the layer, double the happiness!

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Plum Cake with Custard

Christmas desserts would seem incomplete without a plum cake. You can enhance the taste of this festive staple even more with by adding custard. Imagine digging into a warm nuts and raisins filled cake doused with creamy custard icing!

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New York Cheese Cake

How about a rich and decadent New York Cheese Cake? Filled with cream cheese, it’s super smooth and velvety consistency makes it a hit with kids and adults alike. The cinnamon-infused butter and biscuit crust further adds to the appeal.

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Chocolate Brownie

For something that is less complicated but absolutely delicious, you can go for good old chocolate brownies. This recipe is slightly different in terms that it is eggless and can hence be served to vegetarians as well. Milkmaid is added for a creamy and sweet touch whereas egg is swapped with soda for the sponginess.

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Strawberry Pie

If the name isn’t enough to get you drooling, then let us elaborate a bit more. This attractive pie is filled with a sugary and jelly treat made from fresh strawberries. The top is coated with strips of dough through which you can peak into the delicious inside.

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So there you have it, 5 different recipes for different moods and fancies. Happy baking!


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