5 tricks to make your hairstyle last longer

With the party and wedding season in full swing, it is time to flaunt those ingenious hairstyles. While getting the hairdo can be tricky, keeping them on can be even more difficult. But the good news is that there are some tricks that can make them stay in place for little longer than expected.

Good hair care

When your hair is healthy, it will have that weightless shine and long-lasting smoothness. It is naturally glamorous and needs no special effort to make sure your style looks on point. The timeless polish in your waves covers up even if your style falls flat.

In short, drink lots of water on daily basis, massage scalp with coconut oil at regular intervals and use a mild shampoo cleanser which does not strip off the natural hair oil. Also, do not skip the application of conditioner as it locks the moisture in your tresses.

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The right kind of style

Not all styles can stay all day and night. The secret is to choose one that by nature is tight and sleek and stays in place on its own.

A braided bun is the best bet since it remains tidy. If you do not like to be too neat, how about a messy textured ponytail or loose waves? The best part is that you do not have to chase perfection they are messy by design. A fishtail braid can be thought of too.

Spray, the right styling product

Another option is to use a good hairspray. Once you have styled your hair, give it a shot of hairspray. It will set it there and hold it for a longer time. Always go for a good quality one and keep in mind that it is best to use the product on special occasions only.

Tame your hair with hair serum or potion

Serums prevent hair flyaways and help to style the look you want with ease. It is also heaven sent for those who have dry and frizzy hair. You can opt for something like Livon Silky Potion Hair Fluid, a popular hair serum which makes tresses visibly soft and glossy. This way your tresses are good to withstand the style created.

Bobby Pins

Bobby pins have been a magical tool for women of all ages, no matter how simple or complicated the style is. Here is a trick, before using, just spray them with hairspray. This way the pins will have a more secure grip and will not budge even if you shake.

Styling aids come super handy to make that hairstyle last longer.

Do you have more tips and tricks for securing your locks and making your style last long? Do share them with us in the comments below.

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