Bold makeup trends for the youth

Makeup is an art and makes for a unique statement! When it comes to bold makeup trends it is as much as the craft as it is the attitude. In this article, we discuss some great options that are doing the rounds in the beauty world…

Glitter eyelashes

Glitter eyelashes are sure catching up as a trend! Appearing like something from a fairytale, it entails lashes being glittery and filled with rhinestones for added glitz. If it is not easily available in the local store you can make it at home. Apply glue to false lash and then cover it with cosmetic glitter. You may also add rhinestones if you prefer that extra dramatic statement. These glitter eyelashes will take your makeup look to next level.

Enhance your eyes with these eye makeup options 

Bitten lips

These are outrageously bold to be pulled off. But international lip trend has made this new lip fashion highly unique. The whole idea behind this is to make the lips appear like they have been freshly bitten. To create this look, you need two lip shades with you. One should be a lighter one and the other preferably a dark shade.

Start with applying lip balm and allow it to settle down completely. Now dab the excess lip balm with tissue and apply concealer on the outer areas of the lips. You may use a fluffy brush to do so. And one important thing here is to use a concealer that actually is the same shade of your skin tone. After this, starting working on the lip, from the centre to the outer area. Use the lighter shade and spread it all over the lips with a fluffy brush. Now use the dark shade on only the centre of the lips and blend. Your very own bitten lip is ready to be showcased.

Make a statement with a wide range of lip colours

Led eyelashes

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When technology meets makeup, the result is extra dramatic. Led lashes are quite popular on the internet. These lashes have led attached to them which flicker at regular intervals making it a statement in itself. It is available in different colours and is definitely meant for the boldest ones.

Statement lips

Sporting an unusual coloured lip is something that can make you stand out from the rest. Pink, red, orange, brown lips all are so common. To spice things up, apply a lip shade from the family of violet, blue, green and black. These shades are unique and will definitely put you in the limelight. Make sure to keep all the eye makeup minimal and this way your lips will stand out.

After reading all this, if you have the courage to rock these bold makeup trends, then go ahead!

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