Makeup tricks to make you look younger

Ageing is a natural process and with that comes wrinkles, sagging of skin and fine lines. There is no way you can stop it, but you can certainly delay it by following a healthy skincare and makeup routine. Using products that contain harsh chemicals will age you faster so always choose your skincare and makeup products carefully. Your skin shall thank you later for all the love that you give it in return!

Here are few makeup tips to make you look youthful.

Base product

When you choose base products, pick ones which give a dewy finish. Dewy skin reflects a lot of light and it lifts up the face. Pick a foundation and makeup setting spray that gives a dewy finish. Also, you may add strobe cream or lotion to your makeup routine to get that luminescent glow.


Contouring the face has been one of the biggest trends of 2017. Everyone wanted to recreate the Kim Kardashian look. But contouring also has some downsides. Over-contouring will add extra ages to your face. Also, if you don’t pay attention to blending your contour, it shall make you look older. Opt for light contouring so that you don’t end up looking more than your age!

Eyebrow filling

As you age, your eyebrow hair starts to shed. Fuller eyebrows are synonymous to youth. Therefore, filling the eyebrows will add a great difference to your face, the right way.

Eye makeup

Don’t overdo your eyes with eye makeup. Simple makeup shall save time and won’t look too much on you. Stay away from smokey eye makeups that drag the eyes down. Tightline the eyes to get fresh eye look.

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Curling the eyelash

Wide awake eyes are charming in itself. To cut down your age by makeup, simply curl your eyelashes and coat it with non-clumping mascara. It shall give an illusion of brighter eyes.


Soft and plump lips are signs of healthy lips. When you need to look a lot younger, you need to have products that give pink colour to your lips. Use pink lipstick or balm to get those luscious lips. You can also apply gloss to the centre of lips for added glam.

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Setting power

Setting the makeup with a power will ensure that the makeup will stay put for longer hours. In daily makeup routine, it is not a must to set the face if you belong to dry skin family. Matte setting powders and compacts take away the entire glow from the face and don’t let the skin shine. Hence, it is recommended that you stay away from matte powders.

Do try these tips which will cut years from your face. Take good care of your skin and you will age gracefully!

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