Benefits of the humble tomato and cucumber

Due to the wide accessibility of tomatoes and cucumbers, we tend to overlook the many valuable nutrients and hydrating properties that they provide. It is known that these wonders help reduce weight but the little-known facts include that they improve heart health, gut health, fight inflammation and repair damage caused by smoking too. Also, thanks to their antioxidants and polyphenols, these humble vegetables are believed to help fight a wide range of cancers. Read on to find out more about the benefits of tomato and cucumber

-Nutritionist and Dietician Golla Sailaja

Interesting trivia:

Fresho Tomato – Local, Organically Grown

Not only raw, tomatoes, when eaten in processed form, are seen to be nutritious too. It is believed that their thermal processing augments the bioaccessible lycopene content and antioxidant activity. So those who like to pick the tomatoes out of food can now be benefitted by tomato ketchup, purees, etc.

Let us throw light on how your local tomato and cucumber can bring about a difference in your life…

Gut health

Include these wonders for better digestion and gut health. How do they work? The high amounts of insoluble fibre and water help add bulk to the stools and aid it to move faster, thereby keeping the gut in good health.

Heart health

The insoluble fibre also holds on to the bile, eliminates it, thereby compelling the body to make more bile using the cholesterol in the body. This, in turn, helps improve heart health and also lowers blood pressure.

Helps protect the body from carcinogens

The coumaric acid and chlorogenic acid along with many antioxidants in tomatoes and the polyphenols from cucumbers help protect the body from carcinogens produced from cigarette smoke.

Fresho Cucumber – Organically Grown

Protects from age-related decline

Another reason to add cucumbers to yours as well as family’s diet. Flavanols in this vegetable help improve memory and safeguard the nerve cells from age-related decline.

Stronger Bones

Whoever thought that consuming tomatoes can lead to better bone health? Considerable amounts of calcium and vitamin K in tomatoes helps build stronger bones.

Relieve Stress

Stressed lately? Throw in cucumbers into your salad or, slice them up, sprinkle some chaat masala on it and enjoy it as a snack. This vegetable is rich in vitamin B, a nutrient that assists in relieving stress.

So, when hungry grab a cucumber and make sure you don’t remove the tomatoes in your food.

Incorporate fresh tomatoes and cucumber into your diet for a healthier you.

Golla Sailaja is a Research Assistant at School of Pharmacy and Food Sciences, University of Barcelona. She is qualified with M.Sc in Dietetics and Applied Nutrition.

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  1. Very nice you shared your knowledge about benefits of eating Tomato and Cucumber which can help so many people to improve their health . So keep on sharing this type of knowledge.

  2. Dr Shail K Sharma

    Cucumbers are very good for kidney function. It is better to remove seeds from tomatoes.

  3. Anjali verms

    Very helpful article… We all know these benefits but often forget to add in our daily diet. Sharing this topic here will surely help ppl to add fresh vegs in the cart.

  4. Very good for our health. Keep on updating such topics.

  5. Dr. Rajiv

    It is also important to note that both of them should not be comsumed together.As cucumber is full of water, and tomato is a fruit.

  6. Sobhan babu Kattamudi

    Thanks for you 🙏 Good information


    Lovely way to get updated thru’ such articles and keep fit! Kindly share more about various food items!

  8. Great benefits of these simple veggies, which we overlook and always focus on the expensive ones.. Thank you for this knowledge..

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