7 Natural moisturisers for supple and youthful skin

A well-moisturised skin is a sign of health and beauty. The reason being, moisturisers make the skin supple, delay the signs of ageing and offer a youthful glow. And if you are the sorts who prefer to go natural, here are 7 remedies from Mother Earth’s bounty that will beautifully do the trick.

Coconut Oil

Though this super effective moisturiser is available easily in our Indian households, we may have restricted its use only to cooking and maybe for the hair. But this wonder has great benefits for the skin too. The oil is not only rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants but also has anti-inflammatory as well as antifungal properties. It helps delay the forming of wrinkles too!

Cocoa Butter

An effective moisturiser which soaks into the skin, this butter contains a whole lot of goodness!  Some of them include softening of the skin, protecting it and keeping dryness and peeling at bay. Newbie mothers often use cocoa butter to heal their stretch marks. This natural remedy also reduces scars on the face and slows down the appearance of fine lines too!

Aloe Vera

This gel obtained from the aloe plant has a lot of medicinal properties attached to it. It soothes rashes as well as makes the skin smooth by removing unwanted dead skin cells. Wrinkles on the skin are also tackled by this gel. The bonus is that along with hydrating the skin, it also treats acne and breakouts.

Shea Butter

Major skincare brands usually have at least one product that contains this magical ingredient. The reason being, shea butter contains Vitamin A, E and F in abundance. It also helps with blemishes, psoriasis, eczema and stretch marks. This deep moisturizing butter is thick in texture and therefore melts when in contact with the body. Work it on the back of your hand and apply on the desired area. You need only a pea-sized amount.

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Olive Oil

This oil is widely popular for all good reasons. It is full of antioxidants and nutrients that our skin needs. This miracle hydrates the skin without clogging the pores and is highly beneficial for dry skinned people. If you can opt for organic extra virgin olive oil.


This amber coloured liquid is best for skin that is thirsty for hydration. Being a natural humectant, it seals in the moisture and infuses the skin with life. Over time, you will also notice that the skin texture is improved and lightened as well. However, if you develop rashes after using it, discontinue immediately!

Sweet Almond Oil

This oil is magic in a bottle. It improves the blood circulation and helps mitigate fine lines and wrinkles. Applying regularly will make the skin appear fresh and youthful. In the long run, it is believed to lighten the skin too.

By the end of it remember, healthy-looking skin cannot be achieved overnight! You need to religiously follow a good beauty routine that is just meant for your skin type.

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