5 D.I.Y. fruit facial masks

We all are aware of the goodness of fruits. Just like each one of them is unique and provides us with certain nutrients, they can work specific wonders on our skin too. Read on to know how you can make most of them with these D.I.Y fruit facial masks.

Apple mask 

The benefits of apple are not only restricted to health. It can make an effective fruit facial mask in itself. Just grab a few small cubes of apple and grind it into a paste. This pack will help in building collagen which means you get a firmer skin. It can also help lessen the damage caused by the sun.

Papaya mask 

Papaya is known for its tan removing properties since it contains an enzyme known as papain. Take 2 spoons of papaya, one spoon of honey and few drops of lemon juice and mix all of them nicely. Make a smooth paste. The lemon brightens while honey moisturises the skin. This mask is best for those who have a bad tan.

Tomato mask 

If you have oily skin, you know how difficult it is to keep it matte all day. The solution lies in wiping away all the excess oil secretion from the skin’s surface. An easy mask to address this problem is to mix tomato and cucumber in an equal ratio. The vitamins present in it also take care of large pores on the skin.

Banana mask 

Every Indian household will have bananas since it is available throughout the year. An easy face pack can be made by mixing banana and raw milk. Take 2 small cubes of banana and 1 spoon of raw milk. The raw milk will clear the skin and make it bright. Banana contains antioxidants that fight the damage caused by free radicals. This pack is great for oily and acne prone skin too.

Citrus mask

We all have heard that vitamin C is great for skin. To make a vitamin C based fruit mask, mix orange and grapes in equal proportion until they are super smooth. Add honey to adjust the consistency. The antioxidants present in this pack prevent ageing. It evens out the skin tone and lightens any scars present on the face. The pack gives a youthful glow to the skin too!

Because all these masks are DIY, it is best to use it fresh to obtain the maximum efficiency.

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