Makeup tips for dusky skin

If you are blessed with gorgeous dusky skin and wondering how to make most of your makeup, this article is for you. While the international market is coming up with options such as Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty line, India still has a long way to go. Here, we spill some basic tips and tricks that will enhance your tone without making it look patchy.

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We admit it can be difficult to find shades that match dusky skin tones! Refrain from buying a foundation that is lighter than your skin tone as it will make your makeup go all grey. It is better to buy a shade and adjust the drops to make the foundation. Of course, the best thing is to buy one that matches exactly.

Colour Correcting

Many dusky skinned girls have a problem with dark areas around the mouth or some part of the face. A foundation may match their rest of the face leaving this dark area all ashy. To solve this problem, correct it with an orange colour corrector and then apply foundation. The corrector will add warmth to the areas. You would just require a tiny amount. To get a flawless finish, apply a foundation that has medium to high coverage.

You can also naturally diminish the appearance of dark circles with this corrector. 

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Highlighting Concealer

Go for concealers that are not too light. The maximum you can go is 2 shades lighter. Anything more under the eyes will make you look like a ghost!


Contouring is definitely an easy way to cut those extra inches from your face, but keep in mind to not go overboard! Pick a contour shade that is 2 shades dark than your natural skin tone and not more than that. If you apply shades that are too dark, your face will look all muddy. You don’t want that do you?


Highlighters are great to add a glow to the skin but you need to choose one wisely. If you have warm undertones, go for yellow-based highlighters. On the other hand, if you have cool undertones, it is best to go for white based highlighters.


Lip Colour

A change in the lip shade can have a drastic impact. It uplifts the entire face and makes the makeup look more put together. It is best to stay away from lip colours that are too nude or white as it will wash out their skin tone. Go for ones that are a tad bit darker than your lips, it will enhance the features of your lips.

We hope these tips work for you getting that flawless makeup.

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  1. Hi I’m totally new to make up I hv a dusky tone…… N I would love ur opinion on what all should I buy for my daily use…. Can u plz recommend

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