Tricks to keep your skin from looking oily

As the cold winter season ends and we usher in a new dawn of summers, you might notice changes in your skin too. The sunny climate comes with its own boon and banes, greasy and oily skin being one of the banes. Not only does it make your face look like a frying pan, but also spoils meticulously applied makeup. To help you along with the same, here are some tricks to help your skin appear non-greasy…

Compact powder

A great solution to greasy skin, a compact powder removes the oiliness and makes the skin appear fresh again. Most come with a puff, making it easy to touch up. While choosing one, remember to buy a mattifying one. Dull looking skin will be perked up in a jiffy with this product.

Just ensure that you thoroughly wash your face once you get home to avoid any kind of breakouts. Washing the puff from time to time is recommended too.

Blotting sheets

These sheets are your best friend if you are someone who has the tendency to look greasy as soon as you leave home! Widely available in the market at affordable rates, they absorb the oil and offer a non-greasy look. Along with the excessive oil, these sheets are also effective in removing the dirt and grime. It is very convenient to carry these in makeup pouch and can be easily used on the go. A smart product indeed!

Oil controlling primer

A primer as the name suggests preps-up the face for the rest of the makeup. This product enables the makeup to hold onto the skin and stops it from melting off. It acts as a barrier between the skin and the cosmetics. The primer also increases its lasting power. Oil controlling ones are effective on oily skin as it doesn’t allow the oil secretion to pass onto the makeup layer. This way the skin appears to be matte for a longer duration. It can be however used for all skin types.

Setting spray

We often skip this, especially in our daily makeup routine. Makeup setting sprays are meant to lock in the makeup. It stops the skin from going greasy and doesn’t allow the applied products to glide from the skin. All that one needs to invest in is a mattifying makeup setting spray. Using this will definitely increase the lasting power of the makeup along with a non-greasy skin.

These are the little tricks you need to know to make your skin look less oily and more presentable. Hope these work for you!

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