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8 Superfoods to include in your diet

To maintain good health and ideal weight, a flawless combo of diet and exercise is what keeps us on the track. When we indicate diet, it is not about randomly pushing away some foods. It is more about the nutrient content your platter offers to keep you fit and fine. So getting down to work, we have drawn up a list of 8 nutrients that are super and tasty. Let them make their way onto your plate.

Green Tea

“How green is my tea?” Champions in delivering health benefits, it would be super cool if you pick up your daily cup of green tea and sip. Though it is an acquired taste, green tea is an excellent source of components polyphenols. Polyphenols help lower heart diseases and protect you from various cancers and strokes. Catechins, yet another component, found in this beverage is an antioxidant that helps increase metabolism. It thus supplements your efforts towards weight loss. So go green…

Here is a word for our cuppa chai. A well-brewed cup of morning tea will not just perk you up, but will also take care of depression and Alzheimers to an extent. It is also known to build stronger bones, gums and teeth. Moreover, without sugar, our regular tea keeps diabetes in check.


Walnut is nature’s way of keeping you alert. Closely shaped in the form of our brain, walnut is a potent nut full of nutrients, essential vitamins and a whole lot of goodness. Make sure that your prime focus is on ‘snack with a power punch’.  And what’s more, it contains heart happy omega – 3 and rich in polyphenols.  There is more to make you happy, the nut promotes smooth skin as well as strong and long hair.

Sweet Potatoes

Aloo of the purple and orange variety! This root vegetable helps to boost the immunity system that takes care of your eyes too. It is a nutritious staple that is packed with vitamin C, B6 as well as vitamin A. Our regular potato should also find its proud place in your kitchen as it is healthy too. But ya, ditch the fries guys!


High in vitamin E, fibre, minerals like magnesium, potassium, avocado helps to lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels.  This superfood contains powerful antioxidants that prevent cancer and also protects the eyes.



Making oatmeal your regular choice to devour is wise.  Why?

For one, whole grain oatmeal gives you an immense feeling of satiety. It contains soluble fibre which brings down LDL cholesterol and is a wonderful source of vitamin B1. Vitamin B1 is important for diabetics as the thiamin it contains provides energy. The beta-glucans feature in oatmeal stalls the glucose absorption into the bloodstream. As complex carbohydrates it keeps you revved up for a long time. The multiple health benefits this humble oatmeal provides makes it one of the super foods you must have in your ‘tray of good health’.


Undoubtedly your dark green leafy veggie, spinach is packed with Vitamins C, A, and trace vitamins like K and E.  Additionally, it also has iron which will take care of your anaemia, calcium helping your bones, teeth, nails to get stronger. The primary minerals like magnesium and potassium bring with them a bunch of goodness. Spinach helps the body to renew cells too!


Undoubtedly, an egg is a very good source of protein, vitamin B2, D, B6 and B12, along with essential minerals like selenium, copper and zinc. This super food will not just keep your eyes healthy but will serve as the perfect anytime meal giving you the energy you require for the day.


The health benefits of this cultured food are disputed. The healthy bacteria and probiotic organisms boost your gut health and immunity. Immensely healthy dahi is known to lower risk of heart ailment and osteoporosis. It also happens to be one of the best sources of protein for vegetarians.

There are many superfoods promising health and happiness, but these super healthy 8 is easy to find in a regular kitchen.

Token rider: If you are on any medication or special diet, consult your nutritionist about your diet plan of superfoods.


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