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What you should eat to maintain bone strength

One fine day while carrying on your routine household chores, you sprain your back. As usual, you ignore it knowing that, like always, you will soon be fine.

But not this time…the pain persists and now you have the chronic back pain. You feel old and wonder when your bones took the hit. Well, we all know that having strong bones is a must for a healthy living. But we also know that as you age you need more calcium and vitamin D. But then, have you altered your diet habits accordingly?

A little thought to your food habits will go that extra mile to give your bones the power boost you require, especially later on in life. Our mantra should now be: Nutritious food, strong bones, and there go all the groans.

Let us have a quick glance at the nutrients that give the bones its strength.


Calcium in our body plays the essential role of transmitting messages through the nerves, facilitating muscle contraction among other important functions. If you have less calcium in the body then it draws out the calcium it needs from the bones to ensure normal cell function. This can lead to weak bones.

Vitamin D

It has been drilled into us since bachpan that calcium and vitamin D are the torch bearers in bone health. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that your body produces when exposed to the morning bright sun. So, out you go for a morning walk.

The most important function that vitamin D performs is facilitating calcium absorption by our bodies. It further helps maintain the functioning of our immune system. If your body does not get enough dose of vitamin D, then you run the risk of developing fragile bones (osteoporosis. and bone abnormalities (rickets etc.). However, it is seen that many of us are deficient in this nutrient. So all of us need a healthy balanced diet.

A good intake of calcium and vitamin D which include…

Dairy products, milk, cheese, and other foods

Enjoy your daily milk, cheese and everything needed to give your bones ‘its might’. Milk is packed with calcium and cheese prepared from milk is rich in calcium. Simple, isn’t it? Yet apply precaution if on a diet or lactose intolerant.

Green leafy veggies

Along with being packed with iron, these leafy greens are a great source of calcium too! A bag full of cabbage, broccoli, and also bhendi will do your bones well.


All you egg lovers, be happy. Eggs, mainly the yolk, contains vitamin D, giving power to your bones. If you don’t include the yellow in your white, please make sure that you supplement your vitamin D from somewhere else.

Fortified orange juice

Your breakfast is getting better, gulp down your amazing glass of fortified orange juice. As vitamin D is not easily found in foods, it is added i.e. fortified. So add fortified yoghurt, cereals and such to your breakfast plate.

Almonds and figs

Topping the high calcium food list is almonds. These are super good for protein and a winning nut for health and memory. Figs, on the other hand, aids in strengthening your bones, and to maintain a perfect heartbeat rhythm, additionally helping in normal muscle function.

BB Tipni:

  • The earlier you follow a bone-friendly diet routine, the better. This is a shout out to all those women who are going to hit their menopause.
  • As you mature in age, get enough bone goodness food to keep you strong for long. Consult your doctor on this.
  • Do weight-bearing exercises.
  • See that your food is also rich in trace vitamin K, and trace minerals like phosphorus and magnesium for bone health.
  • Young kids, babies and like need their bone nutrient. Pregnant and mothers who are breastfeeding should consult your nutritionist for the dose of bone benefits for you and your kid.
  • If you are indoors most of the time or use sunscreen when outdoors, pay attention to your calcium + vitamin D intake. This is also for those who are frail and fragile. Take more calcium.
  • If you are on a special diet or any medication, consult your dietician on your daily calcium intake.

So go forth, deliver that punch, calcium and vitamin D come as a good bunch.

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