6 Seeds you should incorporate into your diet right now

You may think we have gone nuts to talk about seeds. But you see, these tiny precious wonders are rapidly climbing up your bestseller’s list. Famous for their commendable nutritive value, they are good to taste and easy to add to your diet too. Here is a list of seeds for better health…

Here is our seed pack:


If you still don’t know the benefits of flaxseed (alsi dana) then you are definitely missing on the profits of these little brown seeds.

Abundant is omega-3 and dietary fibre, the health-hero also contain lignans, an organic plant form of estrogen which makes it ‘dilkhush’ (heart friendly). The laundry list of benefits begins with lowering the risk of cancer, diabetes and a whole lot of ailments. Besides, it benefits eyes and enhances brain health as well.

Add and benefit:

As their outer covering is hard, roasting is important. Grind it before consuming to help the body absorb the important omega-3 nutrient. Add to your other dishes, smoothies or yoghurt. When not in use, keep in an airtight container at a cool dry place or your fridge.

Sesame Seeds (Til dana)

In the North, black sesame seeds are used while making tandoori roti. Their crunch and aroma is absolutely appetising. Available in white and black form, these til danas are supreme seeds containing iron, calcium, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, B vitamins, and soluble fibre. They are also known to lower inflammation and improve brain health.

Add and benefit:

Simply add in form of tadka in your curry dishes or sprinkle them on salads or steamed vegetables. Waah mazaa aaya…

Chia Seeds

Now easily available in India, chia seeds are everywhere, stealing the red carpet entry from other nutrients. Jam packed with fatty acids omega-3, protein, dietary fibre, antioxidants, it also contains calcium promoting bone health, thus aiding to lower cholesterol and maintain blood sugar levels. What’s more, these crunchy energy boosters are known to control hunger pangs.

Add and benefit: Sprinkle them in with your oatmeal, smoothie, salad or dahi to boost the nutritive value of your food.

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds have the protective element called phytosterols, known to contribute to prostate and heart health. These potent seeds also boast of being low in fat, high in B vitamins, and rich in the amino acid tryptophan. Pumpkin seeds are anti-inflammatory and are a great source of essential fatty acids that lower your bad cholesterol. Lending a hint of sweetness, these chewy nutty flavoured seeds have essential minerals.

Add and benefit: Have as a snack or just roast and eat. Garnish in soups, salads but try not to cook it. Chances are that heat could destroy its nutritional properties.

Sunflower Seeds

These tiny and mighty sunflower seeds are an excellent source of protein, vitamin E and B, soluble fibre, and essential minerals.  The E vitamin in this seed hinders the ageing process and boosts the immune system and heart health. Yes, you got it right, it lowers blood pressure and bad cholesterol.

Add and benefit: Try them in salads, side dishes or add them to your daily roti. Get creative.

Hemp Seeds

Close to the heels of chia comes this hippie seed, hemp. Soft and easy to chew, hemp seeds are an excellent supply of essential fatty acids. Hemp contains phytosterols to lower cholesterol and all the nine essential amino acids which make it a complete protein meal.

Though hemp belongs to the cannabis family, it does not contain THC. THC is marijuana’s active ingredient. So you are safe.

Add and benefit: Any way you like

So readers, get ready to give these super seeds a red carpet treatment at the supermarkets.

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