6 Summer-friendly hairstyles and how to get them right

Summer is that time of the year when we all flaunt our pretty dresses and keep everything cool and casual. It is a season of youth, colour and vibrancy! Now for any outfit, you need a hairstyle to perfect it. To help you with the same, here are 6 summer friendly hairstyles….

Braid and go

This is such an easy hairstyle. Just part your hair and take a one-inch section from your front parting and do a small braid. Repeat on the other side too. Now join both these braids at the centre of the back of your head and fix it with a bobby pin. Let the rest of your hair flow! This will keep your front section all sorted for the days’ adventure.

Hair braid bun

Comb your hair thoroughly and part it the way you normally do, or in a manner that suits your face shape. Braid from the larger section and go until you reach the ends of your hair strands. Now gather the other section of hair and combine it with the braided portion and twist it to form a low bun. Secure with bobby pins and spray a hair fixing spray. You may also add a tiny hair accessory to this hair look to make it more appealing.

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Messy bun

There is no denying the charm of a messy hairstyle. Messy buns are the best during summer. Start by gathering all your hair roughly on top of your head. Now insert a hair tie and twist your hair over it and then secure it completely with that tie. Pull out some hair from your front section to frame your face. There you go, such an easy and classy hairstyle.

Old-school one

This hairstyle is perfect to flaunt when you don’t have time but still want to look cute. Take out your favourite hair band, slip it through your head and position it the way you like. Grab all the leftover hair and tie it into a high ponytail. Now with the help of rat-tail comb, pull some hair in the centre of your head to bring in more volume. Frame your face by pulling few hair strands from the sides. This hairstyle matches most comfy western clothing.

Soft top knot

Suitable for any hairstyle, the instantly jazzes up any outfit that you wear. Gather all your hair on top and tie a pony. Twist all the hair around that hair tie and secure it with another hair tie. For any baby hairs sticking out, use bobby pins to fix it. Now pull some hair strands from the front section of your hair and curl it to give a softer look.

The puff pony

Who doesn’t like volume in their hairstyle? It elongates the face and gives an illusion of length. Gently take only your front section of your hair and backcomb it thoroughly. Now twist it at the end and fix it securely with bobby pins. Cover this bobby pin area by taking all the leftover hair and tie a pony. You can curl your ponytail to give it a summer vibe!

Hope you are inspired now!

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