5 Tricks to make your makeup last longer this summer

With the sweltering weather outside, it can be a bit difficult to keep the makeup intact. Runny foundation and mascaras are not uncommon, however unsightly! The good news is that a little effort from our side can help in saving the day’s makeup. Read on to find the tricks you need to know this season!

Stop it from melting

Half of your problem will end if you can stop the makeup from melting. The best solution here is to invest in a good quality makeup fixer that has no paraben and is still hydrating to stand this scorching summer. The particles in this product will help in keeping the makeup on the skin for a longer duration.

Dab, Dab, Dab

The moment you start sweating, take a bloating paper and blot the excess oil secretions. This will stop the rest of the makeup from spreading and getting ruined. You can dust some mattifying powder after this step as it will also control excess oiliness on the face.

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Use a primer

After you have applied a moisturiser, the next step is to wait for few minutes before you apply a primer. Applying a primer is always a good option but more so especially in summers as it smoothens the skin and also preps it up. This product forms a shield between your skin and makeup and helps it stay in place through the day.

Don’t forget the toner

Even though we are aware that following a good CTM routine is ideal for the skin, we skip the toner thanks to our laziness. Remember, a toner calms down the skin and closes the pores that are left open after you have cleansed it. Using this product will prevent any excess oil secretions and thus make the skin less prone to appearing oily. You can use a face mist with toning properties as it is more convenient.

Waterproof makeup products

Be it mascara, kajal, lipstick or blush, make it a point to buy products that are sweatproof and waterproof. These products stay on the face for a longer duration, making it your perfect companion for the summers.

Less is more! It is best to go with a minimal makeup look this summer as it is more convenient. Use face mists regularly to soothe the skin and also drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated throughout the day.

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