Celeb makeup inspiration: Emma Stone’s striking party look

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An ethereal beauty, Emma Stone appears gorgeous no matter what she adorns. We especially like her in this look which is perfect for a night party. The dramatic eye especially stands out. If you too want to try the same, read on where the steps are broken down.


Prep the skin

The matte makeup echoes the simplicity of her look. To start, apply a moisturiser and follow with a matte foundation. Always remember to give time for the moisturiser to work its magic before you move on to the next step. Else, it won’t be properly absorbed into the skin. Next, choose a loose powder that is either translucent or is a shade close to your skin tone. Apply this evenly on your face and dust of the excess.

Work the magic on the eyes  

Her striking eye makeup needs proper attention, therefore, concealing any darkness will enhance the look. Use a highlighting concealer to make the eyes pop. Also, use a setting powder to avoid any creasing of the concealer.

As you can see here, black eyeshadow is used extensively. To provide a proper base and prevent any fallout, apply a skin tone eyeshadow base. You may set this too with a loose powder. Now dab on black matte eyeshadow entirely on the lids and blend it until no harsh line is seen.

Use a kajal to tightline the upper waterline. Also, line two-thirds portion of the lower waterline.  Bring the same black shadow downwards and apply on the lower lash line covering only two-third portion from the end of the eye. Opt for a glitter silver eyeshadow and highlight the inner corner of the eye and the left out lower lash line. Use the same shadow on the brow bone and blend the entire eye look.

Fill the gaps present on the eyebrow with an eyebrow powder and brush it. There is no evident contouring in this look, so there is no harm in skipping it.

Tend to the cheeks and lips

Apply a light pink cheek stain on the cheeks and blend it to achieve a natural flush look. Add a highlighter on the cheeks to bring some shine. The violet lip shade is the star of the makeup look. Apply a semi-matte violet lip shade and finish off the look.

Set the whole makeup with a makeup fixing spray and you are good to go to a night party! Pair this makeup look with a soft curly hairstyle and your favourite LBD. You will look stunning!

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